MGT 201 Eastern Gateway College Unit 7 the Control Function Discussion Question

Unit 7 Discussion

In 2-3 paragraphs, respond to the following. Your initial post should be substantive and be supported by course concepts. Read and respectfully reply to your classmates’ posts to create dialogue and further learning.

Why is the control function vital to an organization’s success? How can organizations use technology to facilitate the control function? 

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Hello Class,

Implementing the control function is critical for an organization because it allows succeeding in achieving its goals by making use of measuring performance tactics at this stage.

In this process of controlling, the managers have the opportunity to bring on board employees and make them participate in setting up performance standards altogether that are required for the organization. As stated in our textbook, including employees in the process at the stage of controlling is a win-win situation as individuals tend to have a better understanding of the objectives of the company and allow bringing up their own. Speaking with workers one on one to continuously evaluate their job performance is also important and can be included in the controlling process to observe and take away any kind of misunderstanding.

Ultimately, when flaws are detected, thanks to implementing the controlling function, managers must investigate negative outcomes, the origins of what occurred, examine their causes, and come up with solutions to fix what is necessary. During the controlling stage, the plan and outcomes versus the goals are evaluated through the important element of measuring performance.

In our digital world, an information system is a set of computer-based resources for gathering, saving, and analyzing data. It allows workers to engage with clients and vendors and compete in the industry. Businesses rely on a variety of information systems. For instance, Mr. Erbschloe explains in his article “Management Information System” that it is used by corporations to reach their perspectives clients, maintain financial accounts and organize their workforce. Essentially, managers rely on technology to monitor quality control and solve issues. They need evident information and a large amount of data from different sources to analyze, which allows managers to use to make decisions.

Erbschloe M. Management Information Systems. Salem Press Encyclopedia. 2019. (Links to an external site.)

Sandra R.

Second peer below

The control function is vital because it ensures that the plans that have been made are either carried out or modified to fit the organization’s needs. It allows performance to be measured against the plans made, and any necessary corrective action to be made. Without this, the organization’s plans are little more than a hope—with little to ensure they are actually achieved.

Well-designed automation—whether it is computer software or specifically designed and programmed equipment, can greatly improve control by limiting how many tasks need to be manually done. In any task, human involvement can bring risks with it—inconsistencies can happen based on different levels of training and experience between staff members, the individual’s level of knowledge and motivation, and other factors. Even something as simple as whether the person has had their morning cup of coffee can have an impact on the tasks they perform. An automated process eliminates many of these variables and, while some tasks still need a “human touch,” continual developments in technology constantly increase how many tasks can be automated.

Merchant, K. A. (1982, July 15). The Control Function of Management. MIT Sloan Management Review.

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