Messiah College Movie Suggestion Discussion

You have many options with this second essay in our class, and I want to help you find what you are most interested in about the topic to write about. Often times, our best, most persuasive writing can created because of a deep interest in the subject.

Is there something we have read or watched so far or a question that has come up during our exploration of fairy tales, myths, and their retellings? Consider this to form your argument for the essay. 

Did you enjoy reading the articles we have read so far? Consider responding directly to one or more than one of the articles with an argument. 

Are you interested in watching a movie or TV show based on a fairy tale or myth? Consider watching a Disney movie or so other retelling and forming your argument based on that. What does retelling convey to us about societal expectations, heroism, gender, etc. 

  • You may consider what Frozen says about true love, or what Cinderella (2015) says about the power of kindness, what Tangled has to say about abuse, or what Ever After (1998) has to say about social justice. You may also consider writing an argument about whether the movie is a successful adaptation or what it (as a new version) brings to the table. Consider watching any of the Disney movies or something like Ever After or Pan’s Labyrinth. Let me know if you need help finding your chosen movie on a streaming platform.
  • Step 2: Post Your Response to the Discussion Board by Wednesday
  • Your initial response word count should be roughly 450- 500 words. 

Which of the options are you considering for Essay 2? Why are you considering it? If you are choosing the movie option, what movies are you considering? 

  • What are you most interested in writing about on the subject of fairy tales, myths, and retellings?

What questions do you have for me or your fellow students about narrowing down your topic? 

Do you have any questions about the sample essays I’ve provided? 

What kind of help can we provide you with while you write this essay? If you are choosing to watch a film to write your argument on, do you need help finding it on a streaming service? Do you need help finding sources to support your argument.

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