MDC Does Indifference Still Exist How Do You Feel About This Proposed Action Discussion

In this video “The Perils of Indifference” he gives great gratitude of 52 years ago when the American soldiers went to save him where he was located. Even though language was a barrier of communication but, the expressions towards one another in their eyes knew the reason for what they were there and found comfort in them. He questions the word indifference, with the meaning that there is no right from wrong, stating if there was a philosophical point of view on it, people were being blinded all around the nations of what was going on. Indifference can be tempting and more than that seductive. He makes a clear point that can be brought upon the modern life, which for people it is easier to stay quiet when there are people in need around you.

You know there is a beauty behind a religious belief. No matter how hard things may get, no matter what circumstance you are in, there is always a positive effect on belief, faith, and hope.

Elie Wiesel truly did put the power of God in front of any power a human being can have. His faith towards God made him be stronger in times of evil. There was an indifference in the wicked world, and there was loss of sympathy, emotions, loss of character. “We thought that being abandoned by god, was worse than being punished by god”, truly heartwarming words and truthful as I am a believer of God and cherish his ways.

Today we are still learning how to not me indifferent and learning how to have sympathy and being humans again. Many still follow this wicked act, not in the sense of murdering people and staying quiet. In many cases in our own work areas there are acts of indifference. The bosses or owners of the place they have, don’t really show emotions to their employees as to which they can just see us as another number in their pay roll. Not being productive as they would want us to be can cost us our jobs, from that our homes and they won’t care about it as that their lives are being lived like nothing ever happened. We can get mistreated we can get abused, and in most cases the lack of emotions and love towards one another would make the people around you do not care so much as they’re supposed to.

I feel that we are so used to problems occurring and the evil that has happened in the past that we are used to seeing these wicked views. It is like we are a hybrid towards what is going on in society and the worst part is that we don’t really realize it. Life has taught us to respond back to inequalities in the world like for example, when the whole Black Lives Matter movement was going on, every saw the injustice of the death of George Floyd. The Cubans fighting for their liberty and freedom.

A lot of people now and days think that having power like money, ownership, contracts, fame, is owning the world and, losing the the true value and meaning of what life really consist in, different economic levels that would make a person think that he himself is better than most people around them. Even the sense of love has been lost in this modern world, as to people don’t really believe in it, no one really knows what is good or bad for them anymore and it is the indifference that we have all gotten used to, today we see a homicide that occurred and yeah we say “oh wow look at that, look how many people died, why couldn’t they be all saved”, and some of us just see that and don’t even give our opinion on it. It’s like something bad happens and we are used to It, there is always something bad that is being mentioned in the news, and when something good goes on we don’t even know how to act, we tend to get all nervous when something good happens, like if the paper of emotions switched its roles.


  • How can todays society help others without others asking for help?
  • Does indifference still exist? How do you feel about this proposed action ?

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