Learning Resources

Required Resources


Challenges in Accessing Education

Supporting Access to Education

School Programs Supporting Health and Hygiene

  • Web Article: Mooijman, A. (2012). “Water, Sanitation and Hygiene (WASH) in Schools”. Retrieved from:

School Programs Addressing Poverty

School Programs Supporting Nutrition

Optional Resources

With these Learning Resources in mind, please proceed to the Assignment.


Assignment: Education and Schools: Supporting Positive Outcomes

Education has the power to transform children’s lives, providing the knowledge and skills that children need to thrive within our diverse world. The Web articles and video “One Laptop per Child” present information on many of the global challenges and triumphs of education, including the challenges that exist in accessing education, and triumphs created through school programs that address critical threats to children’s development and well-being.

After you have read the articles and watched the video, reflect on the following questions:

  • What have you learned about global and national challenges impacting access to education? What are some of the strategies that you have learned about that address this challenge?
  • What role can school programs play in supporting the healthy development and well-being of young children? How, specifically can school programs support health and hygiene, address poverty, and promote nutrition?
  • Why is it critical for child development professionals to understand the importantance of education and schools in supporting children’s well-being and healthy development?

Submit a summary of your thinking by articulating the following:

  • Your perspective on the role that education plays in supporting healthy development and well-being for all children in our diverse world
  • Strategies that child development professionals can use to ensure that all children have access to quality education within schools that support healthy development and well-being

Note: Use examples from the readings to support your thinking and illustrate the ways that your understanding has expanded and/or deepened. Be sure to cite your sources.

Assignment length: 2 pages



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