MCCC Computer Science Design Linnak Twin Cup Complex Transformation Essay

This assignment asks students to demonstrate their deep knowledge and understanding of one of the weekly themes covered in class. Students should apply that learning as a theoretical/cultural lens to complete a complex transformation of a designed object, reflecting upon both the process and the outcome.

What is a complex transformation? A complex transformation in DESN1001 is an opportunity to redesign an existing object or artefact through an alternative lens. You should imagine that you’re transforming an object from an alternative perspective. However, it’s not just the physical transformation we want you to consider – it’s called a ‘complex’ transformation because we also want you to consider how the object will be used, who will use it, in what context, what will be the meaning attached to the object? You’ll need to think all of these things through.

What weekly theme can I choose? You can choose any of the weekly themes we’ve covered in class – look back at the set text, lecture, podcast, reflective activities, padlets, and tutorial activities to help you choose. What did you find most interesting?

What object can I choose? You are welcome to choose any designed object or artefact. Try out a few different objects first, some may be more difficult to redesign than you imagine!

How should I structure my report? You should structure your report in this way (word counts are indicative):

Front cover

Contents page

Introduction (150 words)- provide an overview of your report and summarise what is included

Part A (800 words) – This part of your report should introduce the weekly theme (theoretical or cultural perspective) you’ve chosen and should include:

what (how is it described in the literature including a definition),

who (origins, who is important),

when (when did it emerge),

why (what influenced it),

where (where or in which contexts is it applied),

how (how is it applied)

a discussion on how the theme has influenced the way we think about design

Part B (800 words) – This part of your report should present a complex transformation of your chosen object through your chosen theoretical/cultural lens and should include:a critical analysis of your object in its existing form (before you redesign it) including who uses it? why? what for? does it have cultural importance?

a descriptive summary of your transformation (what changes would you make, how do they relate to your chosen theme)

a reflective rationale for your transformation process and outcome (why did you make these decisions? what were you trying to achieve? did you succeed? what did you find challenging?)

Conclusion (200 words) – an overall summary of your report

References (APA 6th

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