MBA Management Sharing Economy Opportunities for Improvement Discussion

Question 1 – Return to week 1 assignment and analyze your writing on Part B. Identify and

explain three specific opportunities for improvement.

Response 1 here

Response 2 here

Response 3 here

Question 2 – Read the email below. Now, rewrite the email utilizing best practices from this

week’s business communication learning. Include a subject line. Explain the difference

between the poorly constructed email and your version.

Poor example

Hey all,

Great day today. See at our team meeting Monday. I wanted to tell everyone that we’ve had a

change in HR Policies. These are kind of important, so everyone will need to listen up. There is a

new policy on travel reimbursements. You can’t just go take a trip anymore. The new policy

had specific rules that must be followed OR ELSE. The rules include obtaining approval in

advance for all travel. This must be obtained 30 days prior to travelling. You also have to use

corporate approved travel vendors for all travel including use of rental car agencies. You must

save all travel receipts to submit with your travel report. This includes Uber receipts. And, you

have to get those travel reports uploaded in the system within one week of travel. Man – that’s

a lot to do – but I know our team can make a difference and do it right. If you’ve got some

questions – just throw them over to me. Thanks.

Joe Smith

Type your rewritten ‘good’ example of the above poor email here

Your explanation here of the difference between your rewrite and the poor example

Part B (25 points)

The Earth Institute at Columbia University hosted a roundtable on the Sharing Economy. While

there are significant sustainability implications of the sharing economy, these are only

tangential to our interests. I want you to watch the roundtable discussion, follow up by

pursuing your own independent research, and then write approximately 500 words addressing

the following.

 What is meant by the “sharing economy”?

 How does the sharing economy better allocate underutilized resources?

 In so doing, how does it “create value”?

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