Maryville University Attention Deficit & Hyperactivity Disorder Paper

As you will learn throughout the program, the diagnosis of a variety of psychiatric illnesses is not always an easy or straightforward process. Multiple observations and assessment methods are often employed to reach a diagnosis. This approach can include the use of standardized assessment instruments. This then aids you in defining a treatment plan and choosing specific treatment plans to use in care of your clients. 

You are tasked with identifying a standardized assessment instrument/tool to measure the disorder(s) listed. You will keep these instruments which you can use in your clinical practice to assess clients who present with a variety of symptoms. 


For this assignment, you will identify an instrument/tool and: 

  1. List what DSM diagnosis the tool/instrument is used for.
  2. Identify an assessment/diagnosis instrument.
  3. Appraise a scholarly, peer-reviewed article that addresses the use of the instrument to support your choice as an evidence-based instrument for practice. 
  4. Evaluate the instrument’s appropriateness for diagnosing the condition it is designed to assess or if the developers of the instrument reported that the instrument is only part of a comprehensive assessment for the disorder. 
  5. Describe whether or not the instrument can be used to measure patient response to therapy/treatment or if it is strictly for assessment and diagnosis. 
  6. Discuss the psychometrics/scoring of the instrument, including reliability and validity. 
  7. Discuss any limitations associated with the use of the instrument.
  8. Include a link to view the assessment if possible.

Use the following template in completing your assignment. Your information can be in bulleted format, or just a couple of sentences for each criterion listed above. However, you must use APA citations. 


The diagnosis is Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD)

This is the assessment tool and article:

Tool: Adult Self-Report Scale (ASRS) v1.2 *****(Based on DSM V criteria, not DSM IV)


*****You may use a different article and add other sources if needed but there should only be one main article. This assignment is similar to the previous ones. I have attached the files.

You can mention the update from DSM-IV to DSM-V

Additional sources you can use:…

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