Marketing Product Promotion Paper

Students will produce an example of some type of promotion used for each of the principles of reciprocity, scarcity, authority, consistency, liking, and consensus.

  • Reciprocity – we are more likely to give if we receive. Students may create an ad that shows gift-giving, note the direct response technique where a research company includes a dollar along with the survey, or talk about non-profit organizations that send “free” labels, among other examples.

Scarcity – items are more attractive when they are not available. Students may note limited time offers and/or limited quantity offers. They also may note wait lists for high fashion items.

Authority – we believe authoritative sources more readily than non-authoritative sources. Students may use an appeal from a celebrity who is an expert in the product category s/he is promoting.

  • Consistency – people try not to contradict themselves in terms of what they say and do about an issue. Students may note the foot in door technique, where the salesperson gets the individual to say yes to a small thing in the hope that s/he will say yes when it comes time to close the deal.
  • Liking – we agree with those we like/admire. Students may note the attractiveness of spokespeople and salespeople.
  • Consensus – We consider what others do before we decide what to do. Students may note advertisements that note “9 out of 10…” etc.
  • Students will then assess which types of these promotions your Buying Behavior Group Project brand uses, and whether they seem appropriate, or not.
  • The learning outcomes associated with this assignment include application of the psychological and neurological foundations that influence consumer behavior, analyzing specific models of consumer behavior and purchase decision frameworks that inform marketing strategies and interpreting consumer segmentation, brand equity, loyalty, brand extendibility, brand personality and visualization in attracting consumers.
  • In a real-world work situation, this assignment will enable students to develop commercial appeals that have the highest likelihood of being effective among a brand’s target audience.

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