PART I: Self-Assessment of your Leadership Management Skills/Knowledge/Approach
Think about where you were and what you knew about leadership and management when you
began this course. Write a one to two-page reflection describing:
• Where you are now with respect to your management and leadership knowledge, skills,
thinking process, and approach.
• What has changed?
• How have you already applied what you have learned?
• How will you apply this new knowledge in the future?
PART II: Create a Memento of your 5-Key Takeaways from this course
The memento should be comprehensive and substantial and reflect on 5 Key takeaways from this
course. Your Memento must be original, and drawn from the reading, theories, and exercises we
have covered in this class. Your Memento can take on many forms other than a PowerPoint. The
Memento is a reminder or remembrance of what you learned. It could be a crossword puzzle,
poster, infographic, a restaurant menu, a magic box, etc.
1. WEEK 1: Interpersonal Skills / Business School Essentials
• Nohria & Roberson: What Really Works
• Elton & Roe: Bringing Discipline to Project Management
• Laufer, Hoffman, Russell & Cameron: What Successful Project Managers Do?
2. WEEK2: Ethics
• Trevino, L. K. (1986). Ethical decision making in organizations: A personsituation interactionist model. Academy of Management Review, 11, 601-
• Schwartz, M. C. (2013). Development and sustaining an ethical corporate culture:
The core elements. Elsevier
3. WEEK 3: Management And Leadership / Neuroscience
• Kotter: What leaders really do
• Rock: Managing with the Brain in Mind
• Rock, D. (2008). SCARF: a brain-based model for collaborating with and
influencing others.
• Buckingham: What great managers do
• Waytz: Your Brain at Work
4. WEEK 4: Employee Motivation / Influence / Power
• Frost & Purdy, An Introductory Note on Managing People in Organizations
• Bassi & McMurrer (2007) Maximizing your return on people
5. WEEK 5: Organizational Culture / Leaders Influence On Culture
• Warrick: What Leaders Need to Know About Organizational Culture
• Frost & Purdy, An Introductory Note on Managing People in Organizations
• Garvin, Wagonfield & Kind, Google’s Project Oxygen: Do managers matter?
• Satya Nadella: The C In CEO Stands for Culture
• Watkins: What is Organizational Culture? And Why Should We Care?
6. WEEK 6: Business Rhythm | Leadership Roles | Effective Meetings
• Pozen: Extreme Productivity (HBR-database)
• Groysberg, Kelly, MacDonald: The New Path to the C-Suite (HBR-database)
• Kanter: Courage in the C-Suite (HBR-database)
• Krattenmaker: Before and after the Meeting (HBR-database)
7. WEEK 7: Situational Analysis
• Nikols & Ledgerwood: The Goals Grid
• Steenburgh & Avery: Marketing Analysis Toolkit: Situation Analysis
• Martin: How successful leaders think (HBR-database)
• Battilana, J. & Kaplan, R. (2007): Leslie Brinkman at Versutia Capital
8. WEEK 8: Management And Leadership
• Aronowitz et al: Getting organizational design right
• Bhatnagar, J. & Jaiswal, S. (2016): Amazon as Employer
• Frost & Purdy: An Introductory Note on Managing People in Organizations pp1-7
9. WEEK 9: Resource Planning & Scheduling
• Christenson & Kaufman Assessing Your Organization’s Capabilities: Resources,
Processes, and
10. WEEK 10: Organizational Performance | Balanced Scorecard
• Wagner, Ulrich & Transchel: The Game Plan for Aligning the Organization •
Kaplan & Norton: Putting the Balanced Scorecard to Work (HBR-database)
• Likierman: The Five Traps of Performance Measurement (HBR-database)
• Neely & Al Najjar: Management Learning, Not Management Control
11. WEEK 11: Critical Thinking | Decision Making
• Garvin & Roberto: What You Don’t Know About Making Decisions (HBRdatabase)
• Tichy & Bennis: Making Judgement Calls (HBR-database)
• Keeney, Raiffa & Hammond: Hidden Traps in Decision Making (HBR-database)

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