[SOLVED] Macroeconomic issue

You will be required to follow the current status of a macroeconomic issue this semester using articles
from the Wall Street Journal, Financial Times, or other news sources. I am pretty flexible as to news
sources, but feel free to ask my opinion on articles you are considering using. You will need to find at
least 3 articles pertaining to your topic from December 1 to the paper’s due date. The issue that you
follow, and the corresponding articles, should be based on one of the following general topics:
Business cycle
Economic growth
Fiscal policy
The deficit or national debt
Monetary policy
The Federal Reserve
Interest rate
Balance of payments
These categories are very broad, and you should narrow your topic down to a more specific topic that
would fit within one of these general categories. . Please feel free to ask me for guidance at any point in
the process. I would recommend that you choose your topic by February 15 at the latest so that you can
focus on your theme for the semester.
The final paper should be a 3-4 page typed, double-spaced paper (not including article summaries, title
page, graphs, tables and bibliography). The focus of the paper will be an analysis of the issue you have
chosen based on the current articles you have used. You should also consider using extra sources to
enhance your paper; there may be good sources written before December 1. Your paper should include
an explanation of relevant macroeconomic terms and concepts, a positive aspect and a normative
element. You must include one graph or chart in the paper, and discuss it within the text of the paper. I
am happy to read rough drafts and provide feedback for drafts emailed to me at least one week before
the due date.
Cite your sources by number only (for example, [1]), not  by author.  In the bibliography, there should
be  a  corresponding  number  for  each  citation,  followed  by  the  bibliographic  information. Use a
standard bibliographic format, such as the Turabian Guide or Chicago Style. At the top of the
bibliography page, write “Bibliography”.  The paper should not include long passages enclosed in
quotation marks.  The paper is to be submitted in electronic format in the Dropbox on the Carmen
website. It will be submitted through Turnitin. macroeconomic issue macroeconomic issue

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