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Essay 2: Compare-Contrast Argument in a Film & a Text


Write an essay response in which you compare and contrast the arguments of two messages: One film and one text (see directions below). Write at least 1000 words in which you summarize and respond critically to two sources about the same subject. Identify the elements of argument used by the speaker/writer and compare/contrast their use of different rhetorical appeals. You may use the texts themselves to support your claims in this paper, so you only need the two sources. It is optional to use additional outside sources if you find them relevant and/or necessary to support your specific claim. An outline must be submitted along with the essay. You may use the templates and resources from D2L.  


  1. Select one film (documentary or TED talk) from the list on the left. 
  2. Then, select one text (article, short book, or peer-reviewed journal) from the list on the right.  Both the film and the text should be about the same subject (ie., freedom of speech, gun control, global warming, etc.) (I tried to align the matching ones on the same row with one another.) 

**If you’d rather select your own film or text, just make sure they’re both expressing an arguable claim about the same topic/subject. They can be arguing for, against, or both. They can be as much in agreement/similar as they can be different/contrasting each other, as long as it’s about the same subject.  Email me your two picks prior to the first class meeting on Week 6.

  1. it as needed; it will be a part of an upcoming discussion board post that you’ll need to share.
  2. Think critically about the messages. Ask questions; take notes. Select at least TWO direct quotes per source to use as supporting evidence in your paper, for a total of FOUR minimum “ICE” quote.                                                                  Makes a well-developed claim in the thesis that is adequately supported by evidence from the film. Contains all relevant elements for a film critique.Thesis statement accurately reflects your position on the film’s topic and the text’s use of rhetoric.Includes clearly identified and explored elements (2 or more direct quotations) from each source. Shows critical thinking when responding to the effectiveness of the texts.Outline demonstrates organization and represents a discernible flow in the thought process. Synthesizes information by showing the connections between the film and a text in order to support the thesis and develop the argument against the film. This paper shows a thoughtful analysis with a formal academic tone (ie., no slang, contractions, or personal pronouns).The body of the paper shows clear evidence (4 or more direct quotes) from the two messages that effectively supports the claim(s) being made in the thesis.  Each body paragraph contains a topic sentence, evidence from the film or text (ICE) and a concluding statement that effectively wraps up each point being made. Introduction is engaging. It contains a “hook” and all necessary background information. It includes the title of the film that will be discussed in the essay.Conclusion provides a sense of completion, reflection, and/or summation. It makes a point that could not have been made in the introduction. It does NOT say “IN CONCLUSION” because it is more sophisticated than a basic 5-paragraph essay.The title is creative and original.Material is coherent and well-organized.Sentences are complete, clear, and relatively free of distractions.Essay is at least 1000 words in MLA formatting.Essay includes correct (MLA 8th ed. style) in-text, parenthetical documentation and Works Cited page (after the minimum requirement for pages is met).
    My Selected film: https://www.ted.com/talks/mary_robinson_why_climat…
  3. My Selected article: https://theconversation.com/pews-new-global-survey…

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