Literature Since the Civil War

“A Postcard from the Volcano”

by Wallace Stevens in the

textbook, American Literature

Since the Civil War

“Why I Write” by Joan Didion in

the textbook, American

Literature Since the Civil War

I’m nobody, who are you? by

Emily Dickinson, available at

An Agony. As Now. by Amiri

Baraka, available at Poetry


We Wear the Mask by Paul

Laurence Dunbar, available at

Poetry Foundation

The Turning Point of My Life

from What Is Man? and Other


America from The Patriotic

Poems of Walt Whitman

Long Too Long America from

The Patriotic Poems of Walt


I Hear America Singing from

The Patriotic Poems of Walt


Shine Perishing Republic by

Robinson Jeffers, available at

Poetry Foundation

America by Allen Ginsberg,

available at Poetry Foundation

America by Claude McKay,

available at Poetry Foundation

Heritage by Countee Cullen,

available at Poetry Foundation

Autumn Begins in Martin’s

Ferry, Ohio by James Wright,

available at Poetry Foundation

Let No Charitable Hope by

Elinor Wylie, available at

Poetry Society of America

The Problem of Old Harjo by

John Oskison

Part I: After reading the lesson this week, name one of this week’s authors you could relate to in some way. Why? What about that author did you connect with?


Part II: Compare and contrast two of the poems that describe America in some way. What factors do you believe created the different perspectives? Why might these authors have developed such different views? 


Part III: What is Harjo’s problem? Is this a problem inherent to a country built on diversity? How can it be solved? Should it be solved, or is it an asset? 

Please respond to all three parts. Initial responses should exceed 300 words. Feel free to break up your responses to the three parts over separate posts or days if you prefer to respond to them one at a time. Write with careful attention to proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. to at least two of your classmates by the end of the week with posts of 100-150 words each. Write with careful attention to proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, and capitalization. MLA FORMAT

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