Linux System Admin Questions: 1. Where is the root account’s home directory located? A. / B. /root C. /home/root D. /root/home 2. Which of these

Hi there, these short homework questions are based on Linux System Administration. Any guidance would be greatly appreciated thank you. Please see attachment.

Linux System Admin Questions:1. Where is the root account’s home directory located?A. /B. /rootC. /home/rootD. /root/home2. Which of these commands displays the filesystem permissions?A. Display -permissionsB. Is -|C. Is -permD. Is3. You make a file called RSO, & give yourself the execute permission for the file.If you type only the three letters RSO and nothing else into the terminal to execute the file, whathappens?A. The file only runs if you have root privileges.B. The file doesn’t runC. You are prompted for something to make the file run.D. The file runs.4. Which of these commands shall create a directory?A. cdB. mdC. cdirD. mkdir5. Which of these commands can change both the owner of the file and the group of the file?A. cherpownB. chownareC. chownD. chere

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