Liberty University Online Social Work Group Meeting Video Report Script

The purpose of this assignment is to provide disclosure about the group meeting you proposed and led and demonstrate learning from the experience. You will describe the meeting, assess your pre-planning, analyze the group dynamics, and evaluate your leadership performance by producing a 6–7-minute post-meeting video report. No paper is expected. INSTRUCTIONS References to the course literature are optional; however, you must demonstrate familiarity with the terminology and best practices therein and provide evidence of self-reflection, critical thinking, and understanding of key concepts. Each main point must be sufficiently developed given the time limit. The main points must be logically connected with effective transitions and a progression of ideas throughout. Your presentation must include the following main points:  1. Introduction Introduce yourself and disclose key facts about your meeting, including date, time, duration, location, setting and set-up, number of participants, and whether a co-leader was present. Briefly (in one or two sentences) reiterate the nature and purpose of the group and your prior role and involvement. If the actual meeting and its participants diverted from your proposal, explain why.  2. Group Dynamics, Content, and Process Describe the progression of the meeting from beginning to end paying attention to content, process, and group dynamics. What was the group’s level of engagement and participation, and what different leadership techniques did you utilize? 3. Self-Assessment Reflect on your facilitation and evaluate your performance, providing specific examples from the meeting. What were the main challenges you encountered? What do you feel you did well and what do you think you should have handled differently?  4. Conclusion and Application Briefly summarize the highlights of your experience and your most important takeaways. How will you apply what you learned to future group leadership? In what areas do you need to enhance your group skills? End with a concluding thought. The 6–7-minute video must be of sufficient quality for a professional setting and show you speaking. Your delivery must demonstrate attention to audience engagement, articulation, appropriate language, tone, absence of vocal fillers, eye contact, posture and movement.  To upload your video to YouTube, follow these instructions:  1. Set up a personal user account on YouTube (if you do not have one already). 2. Download your video from your recording device onto your computer. 3. Upload your video file to YouTube.  4. Once your video is successfully uploaded, YouTube will process it and make it available for viewing. Once completed, make sure your video is accessible. Use the “unlisted” setting (thereby keeping it unavailable to the general public). Note that both uploading and processing can take an extended amount of time. 5. To submit the assignment, provide the link to your YouTube video.  6. Once your final grade has been posted, you may delete your video from YouTube.  

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