Liberalism and the Social Contract Questionnaire

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Question 1 – Liberalism and the Social Contract; Rousseau

  1. In what ways does Rousseau make substantial revisions to the idea of a social contract as compared to his predecessors Hobbes and Locke? (1 pt.)
  2. Does Rousseau’s theory of the state of nature influence his views on a legitimate social contract and the resulting political order? If so, how? (1 pt.)
  3. Describe Rousseau’s notion of the general will. Can the general will be represented? (1 pt.)

Question 2 – Conservatism and Free Market Capitalism; Burke and Smith

  1. Conservative thought as we know it today was born of Edmund Burke’s reaction to the French Revolution. Identify and describe two criticisms that Burke made of the Liberal-minded revolutionaries in Reflections on the Revolution in France. In what way do these ideas lay the foundation of traditional conservative thought? (1 pt.)
  2. How do Burke and Smith make a case for limited government intervention. Compare and contrast their arguments to show which philosopher provides the most satisfactory defense of limited government and why. (2 pts.)

Question 3 – Civil Society; Tocqueville

  1. What is liberal republicanism? How is liberal republicanism different from Tocqueville’s ideas on civil society or civic republicanism? (1 pt.)
  2. Liberal philosopher John Locke emphasized the importance of a limited government that guarantees equal recognition to all citizens under the law, irrespective of class background. To what degree does this idea correspond to the kind of equality that Tocqueville found in 19th century America? (1 pt.)
  3. Identify and describe three features of American democracy, according to Tocqueville. (1 pt).

Question 4 – Modernism and its Discontents; Durkheim and Weber

  1. The critique of technology and/or technical rationality plays a central role in the thought of Durkheim and Weber. Explain the central points that these two sociological philosophers made about technology/technical reason. Why do they see technology/technical reason as the defining characteristic of the modern age? (2 pts.)
  2. Define Durkheim’s concept of anomie. To what degree is the theme of anomie explored in the film, Modern Times (1936)? (1 pt.)

Question 5 – Socialism/Communism; Marx and Engels

  1. Although Marx is the philosopher most associated with Socialism, there are philosophical precursors to Marxist thought. Identify one Socialist/Anarchist philosopher and describe their views.
  2. Explain the Hegelian Dialectic. (1 pt.)
  3. In what way do Marx and Engels build on the Hegelian Dialectic to advance a theory of historicalchange? (1 pt.)

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