LC Effects Of Domestic Violence on The African American Community Essay

Choose one topic from the list below and write a 10 – 14-page research paper examining the effects of domestic violence on that community.  Before selecting a topic, I strongly recommend that you conduct some initial research to ensure that you’re satisfied with the pool of literature that currently exists.  For instance, you may be interested in writing about the impact of domestic violence on the transgender community but, after a preliminary search, you may determine that the existing literature is too scarce for your liking (but it is out there!).  

You may also select a topic not on the list below, and you are more than welcome to choose a topic that is narrower in focus.  For example, rather than writing about the South Asian community, you might be more interested in writing about domestic violence in the Bangladeshi community.

Your paper should focus on five key areas:

  • An introduction to the general problem of domestic violence
  • A literature review on domestic violence in the community you selected (e.g., prevalence, belief systems, cultural constructs, etc.)
  • An assessment of how local, state and federal laws currently address or fail to address domestic violence in the community you chose
  • A review of systems’ response to domestic violence in that community (e.g., the response of police, health care workers and human services professionals; in other words, what is being done in terms of prevention, intervention and services?)
  • A scholarly analysis wherein you tie each of the above sections together and summarize your findings. Your findings should focus on the key points of your research and be complemented by corresponding recommendations to better addresses domestic violence in the community you selected.

Your paper must cite at least nine (9) scholarly articles from a peer-reviewed journal or other credible source; there is no maximum number of references you can include.  Please note that at least five (5) of these articles must be cited in your paper’s literature review.  Sections 1 and 4 above should include the remaining citations and any other citations that you choose to incorporate. 

Topics (including but not limited to):

Indigenous peoples

African Americans


Members of the Armed Services

Immigrants (Choose and identify a particular immigrant group: e.g., South Asian, North African, Brazilian, etc.)

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