LBCC Argument Practice Exercise

Practice with Arguments: Premise and Conclusion(10 pts)

Determine whether the passage expresses an argument. Mark Yes or No.

If it does express an argument, highlightthe premise(s)(P) and underline the conclusion.

To highlight:

Select the portion of the argument that is a premise and then go to the Home Tab, choose the Highlighter option.

To underline:

Select the part of the argument that is a conclusion and click on the Home Tab, choose the Underline Command (CTRL+U).

1. John must be in the library. I’ve checked the dorm, the cafeteria, and the game room, and I know he doesn’t have a classnow.


2. As TikTokvideo viewing has increased, the reading ability of public school children has decreased. Therefore, TikTok viewing contributes to readingproblems.


3. If God is all good, he would not will evil. If he is all powerful, he would not permit evil. But there is evil. Therefore, God is not all powerful, or he is not all good.


4. If the Republicans win the next election, there will be a recession, federal revenues will fall, and the deficit will grow. If the Democrats win the next election, there will be increased spending and the deficit will grow. Since either the Republicans or the Democrats will win the next election, the deficit will grow.


5. Because I failed to study, I didn’t pass thenetworking exam.


6. Hospitals really need to focus money on including robotic equipment in surgery. Robots are more precise than humans.


7. Can one really measure the benefits of a vaccine?


8. The black bass is one of the most popular game fish. It is a hard fighter, often unpredictable in its habits, and thrives in a variety of waters.


9. The black bass is one of the most popular game fish. Millions are spent on tackle and specially outfitted boats by fishermen in its pursuit. Those who are successful become sports heroes, with product endorsements and their own televisionshows.


10. The sides of the rectangle are 12 feet and 4 feet. Thus, the area is 48 square feet.

EXTRA CREDIT: (1 PT) Highlight the premise(s) and underline the conclusion(s)

11. Over the last decade, we’ve watched a major battle play out. On the one side, privacy activists view freedom from surveillance as an inalienable right, essential to the healthy functioning of modern society. On the other side, people insist that, for our own good, governments and corporations should be allowed to track and monitor our most private information.

That battle has been won by the companies and the surveillance state. The Snowdens and Mannings and Winners and thousands of unsung heroes put up a great fight, but in the end, Goliath prevailed. Our secrets used to be our own. Now they’re owned by the platforms and the databases where we store them, and those are easy to penetrate. If telecom firms have it—and they do—the government now has the ability to get it. As Alan Davidson, the former chief lobbyist for Google, once put it, “If you keep it, they will come.”

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