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Literature Review – A Literature Review is a survey of everything written you have used in researching your topic for your Term Research Project.  It serves to survey all relevant literature to determine what is known and not known about your topic.

1.       Gather your sources and focus on your topic.  A good lit review requires you to isolate key themes or issues related to your own research interests.

2.      Evaluate your sources determining if the author is an expert and is there evidence to support the conclusion.

3.      When you compare your sources, consider if all research arrives at the same conclusion or if there are differences of option.  What questions did this literature raise?

4.      Finally, write your lit review with an introduction that identified your topic, give discussion on the significance of the topic and a thesis statement that outlines what conclusion you will draw from your analysis and synthesis of the literature.  Write a body that discusses and assesses the research through organizational principles and not by sources separately.  For example, each paragraph will discuss more than one source.  Do not list your sources alphabetically.  Your conclusion should provide a summary of your findings from the literature review.  Explain what your analysis of the material leads you to conclude about the overall state of the literature, what it provides and where it is lacking.  You can provide suggestions for future research or explain how your future research will fill in the gaps in the body of work on your topic.

There are numerous FREE resources and examples of literature reviews online.  Some of my personal favorites are:

Minimum 2 page response required









Remember that your assignment is to research the Lafarge Company.

Apply the fundamentals of financial management concepts to your corporate analysis based upon the type of inquiry you would like to make about this company. 


Ratio analysis, The factors that influence the cost of money, market interest rates are affected by inflation, risk and liquidity, related risk and return principles as corporate managers and investors. Stocks and bonds, the merger with Holcim LTD.,

 I would like to analyze financial performance of the company. The outline should not be longer than 2 pages.


This outline will serve as your guide to write a minimum 15 page analysis of the company and maximum 25 page analysis that include a cover page and reference page in good APA format.

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