LACC Non Pharmacological Chronic Pain Management Presentation

CREATE A CONTRACT/ LEASE You are required to represent a client in drawing upa contract, or you may choose to draw up a lease.1 Lease Your client is ABC company, a management company for a 25 floor office building owned by Tall Buildings Inc. Stinky Software Inc. wants to lease some space. Create a lease with all the required specifics. The more you incorporate into the lease the more points you will get. You may use any and all outside sources but do not use a template/form.Examples such as the Library, Internet, Real Estate BoardGoogle and Scholar etc are good sources.

2 Contract In this assignment, you are representing an automobile manufacturer called Toyhond Motor Company. You need to create a contract with their new dealership, Lemon Motors.Lemon Motors is required to buy Toyhond automobiles.Again, you may use any and all outside sources and the more you incorporate into the sales agreement the more points you will earn.

Write a legal Brief Using the IRAC method of writing a legal brief (Issue, Rule of Law, Application Conclusion).We will discuss the IRAC handout prior to the assignment due date. You will be given a hypothetical case which I created. It consists of Company

Single spaced 14-point font.

Page 2 of 2 and its employees. You are to write a legal brief for and against all the parties Their rights, duties and defenses and all issues that apply. You may use any and all outside sources including but not limited to the internet, Findlaw, EEOC Civil Rights Act, Legal Broadcast Network -Employment Channel, California Employment Law and most importantly text book chapter18 Employment Law. Good detailed research, like an attorney, is suggested. Points will be given, the more issues you discuss for all parties, as well as application of the law to the issues. Your conclusion is not as important as finding all the issues and applying them. Possible (0-60) points.

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