Keiser University Psychology in Writing Discussion

Part 1

For this week’s discussion, share what you should look for in a website that indicates that it is a good source of scholarly information. 

What are the benefits of using peer-reviewed journal articles over a website?  

Are there any drawbacks to using peer-reviewed articles?  

Why should a student not use Wikipedia as a source? 

  • Share with your peers at least 2 websites that you found in relation to either writing in psychology or careers in psychology that you believe would be good sources of scholarly information.
  • part 2
  • This week you will start to think about the career path within the field of psychology that is a good fit for your skills, goals and interests.  It is very important that as you consider your future career that you find a path that will not only bring you success, but also satisfaction and fulfillment as these are keys to a happy and satisfied life.  In your first journal assignment you will start this process by taking a few assessments to gain better insight into the different sub-fields in psychology as well as identify which of these sub-fields line up with your interests and passions. 
  • First, it will be important to take a look at psychology as a whole and make sure that this is the right field for you. Read pp. 6-13 in your careers textbook (Helms & Rogers, 2015).
  • Now look at Box 4.5 on page 69 of your career textbook (Helms & Rogers, 2015). Think about each of the questions listed on page 69 (Helms & Rogers, 2015) and how your choices may affect your career goals.
  • Read pp. 122-127 (Helms & Rogers, 2015) to learn about the different subfields of psychology.

The specializations listed on pp. 122-127 (Helms & Rogers, 2015) provide a good start. To further explore the different subfields and specializations within the field of psychology go to the following website and take some time to explore: APA: Careers in Psychology  (

  • Now that you have spent some time looking at the many specializations in the field of psychology, in 300 words or more discuss your findings
  • What specialization(s) were you drawn to and why? 
  • What about this specialization(s) matches yoxxr goals, interests, and passions? 
  • Do you feel that work within this specialization will bring you satisfaction in addition to success in your career journey?

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