Java Programming – Eclipse

How to create a Java program in eclipse that should have main menu displayed to the user when the program starts run. The main menu should have options for the user to “(1) Sign-Up (2) Log-In (3) Exit.

 (1) Sign-Up option – at the sign-up menua) User should have to input firstName, lastName, currentUserBalance, address, password and email. There should be generate random userID # provided assigned to user. userID must be a string – all user data are strings.Note: userID  would need TWO parts: (1) a char ‘S’ for index 0 of userID, and (2) rest is a long datatype generate from a long type method called  getRandomPart for creating a 8 digit number between 64_000_000 & 66_000_000. So the parse would be “S65458256” for example. All user data should be collected in an array. b) The array of user data should be sent to a method for verification of user data in the array. This technique would allow data to be “Sent-for Storing-Now and Checked-Later”. Note: You must validate all user inputs

firstName and lastName should use the same method called isName(firstName or lastName) to verify a string for a name that has length of 4-20 letters only (A-Za-z). 

currentUserBalance  is used as pre-loaded currency, money. currentUserBalance value is a method called firstLastNamesCharValue(firstName, lastName), which returns the sum of each all characters from firstName and lastName concatenated. So if my firstName = “Bob” & lastName = “Smith” , then currentUserBalance = 528. By totaling character at index in a loop that cycles concatenation of firstName and lastName combine length.  Send data back to user if currentUserBalance is not higher than “0”.

So if address (for example) does not have spaces “David” then this might not be an address, so send data back to user to correct. Help, the user experience, by trying to think for the user in case that user might make a mistake.

password  must be at least 8 characters, must have at least one uppercase, must have at least one lowercase, must have at least one number (0-9), and must have at least one symbol (@,#,!,$). password  can not contain  firstName , and can not contain  lastName

email must contain @ symbol, and there must be at least 3 letters in front and 3 letters  behind the @ symbol. Email must end with 1 of these ( .com , .net , .edu and/or .org).

c) Once validation returns true for the session, the array of data should flow to store data in a file called finalData23374.txt  . Each line in the file should have user data.

Make sure to handle Exceptions for input to file and output to file. So that log-in data can be retrievable. You should be able to append file if it exist already, and create if not.

(2) Log-In option – at the log-in menu

a) User should login with email and password. Data that is save from the sign-up option, should be available for user to login with email and password. If the email does not exist alert user, and if email does exist but password does not exist then alert user.

Note: Program should always have the option for the user to return to main menu. If the user enters correct email and password, alert user the good news or bad news either way.

(3) Exit option – at the Exit menu

a) The Program Ends – alert user the Program Ended.

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