Java programing

Write a complete java program to simulate the following: Ahmed’s Show 
Suppose you’re on a game show and you’re given the choice of three doors. Behind one door is a car; there is nothing behind the others. The car and is placed randomly behind the doors before the show. The rules of the game show are as follows: 
After you have chosen a door, the door remains closed for the time being. The game show host, Ahmed, who knows what is behind the doors, now has to open one of the two remaining doors, and the door he opens must have nothing behind it. 
If both remaining doors have nothing behind them, he chooses one randomly. After Ahmed opens an empty door, he will ask you to decide whether you want to stay with your first choice or to switch to the last remaining door. 
Imagine that you chose Door 1 and the host opens Door 3, which has a nothing behind. He then asks you “Do you want to switch to Door Number 2

How you can program the project 
Your first task is to program an interactive version of the Ahmed’s Show, where the code/computer is the host and the user is the player. Your code should ask the user for a first guess (a number from 1 to 3), open a door with nothing behind it for the user, ask the user if s/he wants to switch and then communicate the outcome ,i.e. , car or empty door. 
Below is a possible scenario for this interaction: 
This is Ahmed’s Show Game
You see 3 doors in front of you. One of them has a new car behind it. You will choose one of the doors. Then before you see which door has the car behind it, Ahmed will give you the chance to change your choice after showing you one of the other doors has nothing behind it. 

Which door do you choose (1 ,2 or 3) ?: 1
Ahmed shows that there is no car behind door number 2.
Do you want to change your choice to number 3 (y/n)?: 
Door number 1 has the car behind it.
Since your final choice was door number 3, you didn’t win the car
General guidelines 
In order to have correct implementation for this project, you should make use of the following: 

  • –  Input and Output Statements. (You should have input and output statements since the program is interactive). 
  • –  Decisions (using IF or Switch statements). (The program has 9 branches according to the possible values of car location and door chosen by user) 
  • –  Random Number Generation. ( You have to generate a random number between 1 and 3 to represent car location behind one of the doors) 
    Save your project in one java file 

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