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Information technology (IT) professionals find themselves in the role of subject matter expert (SME) and trainer on a regular basis. Attempting to verbally explain a concept is a great way to find out how well one understands a topic. In this scenario, you are a consultant who must develop a presentation that will be used to train individuals on networking models and functionality across various layers. You will need to develop a presentation that records your verbal explanations about the concepts. Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) and Transmission Control Protocol/Internet Protocol (TCP/IP) are essential networking models. Networking professionals discuss issues and concepts with OSI as their framework.

As a SME in networking, you have been hired under contract by XYZ Corporation to prepare a training session for its networking staff. This presentation will aid networking staff as they prepare to take their CompTIANetwork+ Exam. A particular weakness shown in pretesting reveals the team has difficulty associating functions and devices with the OSI reference model or the related TCP/IP model. After a short training session, the networking staff at XYZ Corporation will need to match the networking technology or device within the proper OSI layer or TCP/IP layer, and explain the reasons that it is allocated to a certain layer in the model.

Identify the layers (OSI and TCP/IP) related to each of the following functions and devices, explaining the purpose of the specified item as it relates to the layers:

  • Routing
  • Telnet connection for remote use
  • Ethernet-media repeater
  • Ethernet switch
  • Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP)-based network management agent running in Ethernet switch
  • Error detection
  • Fiber cable

Be sure to address the following for each item:

  • Describe specifically why you believe each of the items would be placed with the OSI reference model layer that you specified.
  • Explain what each item is doing and how it relates to the 7 layers of the OSI reference model.

Prepare a PowerPoint presentation. Include a title slide and APA format on citations used in the presentation with a closing references slide. Use proper design regarding elements (fonts, color, images, etc.) on your slides.

Use the Record Slide Show option to present the information on each slide and record your verbal explanations for each item as they relate to the layers of the network models and functionality for that specific layer.

Each slide should include one item, the related OSI and TCP/IP layers, and a description of purpose or functionality of item.

Include more technical details regarding layers/functionality in the Notes section of the slide set.

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