IT 402 Oakland Community College Design Methodologies Discussion


Provide for us an example of a project that you have seen implemented at your place of work OR select one of the scenarios provided below, and tell us what model of design methodology would work best, in your opinion, and why.

Give at least 3 positive reasons the methodology would be effective.

Then interact with your peers and discuss their projects / selected methodologies and see whether you agree or whether you can suggest another methodology that might be preferable in your opinion.

To begin, choose one of the three below:

  1. Summarize a project from your work or former place of work (it does not have to be IT-related, although computer projects lend themselves better to some design methodologies) and tell us what methodology would work best and why? OR
  2. A new business wants to create a website. They can’t wait to have all the pages available but understand that you may not be able to get them out there all at once. What methodology would …

Note : I also need to respond to 2 pairs :

1- For the second scenario listed, I think a System Prototyping Methodology would work best. System Prototyping is where you create a sort of “rough draft” of the system you’re implementing, in this case it’s a website, and send that out to the users in order to try, test and get feedback. The idea is that you use the feedback you get to make necessary changes so that the prototype can eventually “grow” into what will be the final version. Prototypes are sort of like early access betas that some video games release where they send it out to a select few users who then play the game and give the developers feedback, which they use to polish the game up and release it to the general public.

The reason I think prototyping would be good here is because the business is very eager to get their hands on a newly designed website, and one of the advantages of prototyping is that you can get something out to the users quickly for them to try. Not only do they get their hands on the prototype quickly, but you’ll get some very useful feedback as you continue to develop new versions of the system to satisfy user requests. I think prototyping can be difficult though as users may not be happy if things don’t work they way they expect them to, but as long as they understand that this isn’t the final version of the product, I think the majority of users would understand.

2- I currently work at an automotive company as a system developer. Previously, I’ve held positions in information systems, such as Linux, Windows, and VMware engineer. The implementation project that I remember the most was the VMware upgrade I did which encompassed 200+ VMware servers, and the upgrade I needed to do was going from ESX 3.5 to ESXi 4.1.0.

The hosting environment I worked at had clients from all the world, which meant I needed to make a coordinated effort to contact each client multiply times outlining the project overview in detail along with the risks involved in such an undertaking. And, since I didn’t have a project manager all the minute detail fell on me to complete. I wasn’t application savvy at that time so I wasn’t using Microsoft project or anything else that helped me keep a project timeline on track. I used Microsoft Excel and kept track of the project that way. The migration project had a go live start date so each client was migrating in phases. I think the best methodology that fits my project would be waterfall development. Since I took a phased approach to my project, waterfall checks all my boxes.

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