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IT 248 web Fundamentals

i have 3 assignments upcoming


1-Creating the Index Page

2- Skills Check 1


Skills Check 1 covers the code you learned in chapter 2 of Web Development & Design Foundations, 7th. ed., and will require you to create and submit a webpage file in addition to answering questions in Canvas. You have one attempt to complete each skills check and must finish within 90 minutes (average completion time: 30 minutes); After submitting the skills check, you will be able to see your answers; correct answers will be available at 12:00 a.m. following the due date, and will remain available for 48 hours only. Please note that any questions requiring manual grading by your instructor will not be immediately available after the deadline has passed

The skills check MUST be completed by the due date and time in order to be eligible for credit; resubmissions, late submissions, and make-up work are not accepted.


The content for this course is presented in a module format, and structured in a way that requires students to review and/or complete items sequentially. As a result, it is imperative that students access all course content through the Modules tab in the Canvas course menu. If, at any time, content displays as “locked”, please review the previous content in the corresponding module to make sure those items have been completed and/or reviewed as required.


3- Concepts Quiz 2


Concepts Quiz 2 covers the information presented in chapter 2 of Web Development & Design Foundations with HTML5, 7th Terry Felke-Morris. Students have one (1) 15-minute attempt to complete the quiz (average completion time: 6 minutes). The concepts quiz must be completed during the scheduled time listed in Canvas; resubmissions, late submissions, and make-up work are not accepted. Correct answers for the concepts quiz will be available 45 minutes after the deadline has passed.

NOTE: Make sure to answer each question BEFORE advancing to the next; you will not be allowed to go back to a question once you click “Next”.

i need someone has experiance to do them 

deadline : 15 hours 


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