Is Competition Important to Humans & Particularly in The Development of Children Essay

1. Create an argument outline with a complete thesis sentence and at least three main supporting points. Include research sources that help support your argument. Use full sentences whenever possible but you may use fragments and ‘notes’ in bullet point form as well. You may select your own topic or text. Use the textbook chapters, handouts, lectures slides and other resources to complete this assignment.

  • A 1 to 2 sentence thesis statement appropriate to the type of argument you are using.
  • Include at least 3 main points in the body of your argument
  • include 2 sources per main point of your essay (6 sources total). Include the full citations of each of your sources inside the outline along with a brief description of how that source would be used in the paper.

2. Blurb: Being a student in this day and age is all kinds of fun, right? Study and work time can be hard to find amid our insane scheduling, family, work, and friend obligations. And don’t forget about taking time out to work on your mental and physical health!

Activity Directions: As we enter the final section of our course, Research Methodology and Finishing Touches, think about how much time you need to set aside for study, work, and other life events. Do you identify with this cartoon by the amazing Sarah Anderson? Give at least a 50 word response to the meme concerning your expectations about your own study and time management ideas. Reference where and when you like to study and any other environmental factors if possible. Submit an audio, video, or text file of your answers.

3. An annotated (with notes) bibliography (book list) is simply a list of sources a scholar has read or used during and for a larger research paper or project. Your annotated bibliography will contain sources that relate to your argument topic for your argument outline assignment. This annotated bibliography counts as your ‘final exam’ for this course.

  • MLA or APA citation
  • Single or double spaced
  • Roughly one paragraph annotations per entry (use the structure given in the lecture slides and discussion activities).
  • At least 10 entries (10 different sources about the same topic)
  • Use the handouts and mini lecture to help build your annotated bibliography.

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