[SOLVED] Interpersonal Concepts

Interpersonal Concepts For this project you will use ONE of the movies listed.  Keep in mind that you might need to view the movie, or parts of it, more than once.  What you are focusing on in the movie is how people act, react, and interact (interpersonal communication).  Ordinary People for example, revolves around three main characters. Pay close attention to the interaction of the those characters as well as their obvious self-concepts.  Although you must refer to and explain parts of the movie to prove your statements, please don’t provide a movie summary.
Using relevant information from what you have learned in this course, analyze the relationships of the characters in the movie in a three to five paged, thesis-oriented paper.  You MUST refer specifically to terms in the text and be able to explain how and why they “fit” the situation(s) in the movie.  What interpersonal concepts, for example, are being used or can you identify by the actions and words of the characters?  What type of listening (or non-listening) is exhibited?  What is the self-concept of the character (s), and what contributed to that self-concept? What is the relationship of all involved? What conflicts do they experience?  Does culture play a role in the interpersonal relationships (or lack thereof)? As with the writing assignment for Chapter 2 (culture), or the assignment for Chapter 4 (perception) even if I had assigned the same movie for all of you to view, due to your diverse backgrounds the responses would be different because your perceptions differ which would cause you to focus on various aspects in the movie.
Your limitations for this paper are only that you must use information from this course and adhere to MLA documentation rules.  For example, you must refer to specific page numbers or specific scenes using in-text citations (please refer to MLA sources for exact information needed).  Since you are not all viewing the same movie, you must also include a Works Cited page which will more than likely only contain the movie and textbook.  You also MUST type your paper in word, double spaced, Times New Roman 12 pt font, and it must include a cover page, and post it to the drop box.
Movie Choices:
Crash, When Harry Met Sally, The Doctor, Ordinary People, or My Big Fat Greek Wedding.

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