[SOLVED] International Negotiation

International Negotiation You are encouraged, but not required, to choose one global issue of interest to you and your future work and build each assignment around a single topic to further your understanding.
2. Select one United Nations conference or other international negotiation, held within the last four decades, that has led to major international agreements or guidance documents.
a. A noncomprehensive list is provided on Blackboard that you may choose from.
b. You may choose a conference or international negotiation not listed on
Blackboard with instructor approval.
3. In a maximum of four pages (double-spaced):
a. Provide a concise description of the purpose, location, attendance, and major results of the conference
b. Identify and summarize major products (documents, conventions, declarations, etc.) that derived from the conference
i. Discuss the purpose of each major product.
ii. Discuss the anticipated effect of each major product. (What did the
conference hope would happen/change as a result of their work?) c. Provide an update regarding major follow-up activities or evaluations.
i. Consider what changes (i.e. where, for who, in what ways, etc.) have been made as a result of the conference decisions and the impact those decisions have had.
ii. Consider what changes have not been made (especially if they were recommended) and where progress is still lacking.
d. Assess major points of relevance connecting the outcomes of the convention to local and/or state social welfare and sustainability practices.
4. Type your responses into separate document.
5. Upload as a Word or PDF file to Blackboard. For those choosing to work with a partner,
only one person needs to submit the document to Blackboard, but it should be clearly labeled with both partners’ names.
a. Blackboard does not accept Google Doc or Pages documents.
b. If you upload an assignment in the wrong format, I will enter a “0” for the grade.
The grade will remain a “0” until you upload a correctly formatted document. I will not chase you for the appropriate format.

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