Institute of Technology Which Is Primarily a Developmental Task of Middle Age MCQs

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1. Which physiological response is often associated with surgery-related stress?

Bronchial constriction.
Decreased cortisol levels.
Peripheral vasodilation.
Sodium and water retention.

2. A patient’s family does not know the patient’s end-of-life care preferences, but assumes that they know what is best for the patient under the circumstances. This assumption reflects:


3. Which statement by a patient with diabetes mellitus indicates an understanding of the medication insulin glargine (Lantus)?

“Lantus causes weight loss.”
“Lantus is used only at night.”
“The duration of Lantus is six hours.”
“There is no peak time for Lantus.”

4. Which action occurs primarily during the evaluation phase of the nursing process?

Data collection.
Decision-making and judgment.
Priority-setting and expected outcomes.
Reassessment and audit.

5. Which action best describes a sentinel event alert?

Documenting the breakdown in communication during a shift report.
Indicating that a community or institution is unsafe.
Recording the harm done when a medication error occurs.
Signaling the need for immediate investigation and response.

6. Which is primarily a developmental task of middle age?

Learning and acquiring new skills and information.
Rediscovering or developing satisfaction in one’s relationship with a significant other.
Relying strongly upon spiritual beliefs.
Risk taking and its perceived consequences.

7. The medical-surgical nurse, who is caring for a patient with a new diagnosis of cancer, observes the patient becoming angry with the physicians and nursing staff. The best approach to diffuse the emotionally charged discussion is to:

allow the patient and family members time to be alone.
arrange time for the patient to speak with another patient with cancer.
direct the discussion and validation of emotion, without false reassurance.
request a consultation from a social worker on the oncology unit.

8. It is hospital policy to assess and record a patient’s pulse before administering digoxin (Lanoxin). By auditing the nursing records to determine the frequency of compliance with this policy, the quality assessment and improvement committee is conducting:

a process analysis.
a quality analysis.
a system analysis.
an outcome analysis.

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