[SOLVED] Influential games

• Outline Review three influential games through a comparative analysis. Introduce textbook and class-related theories, concepts and conversations to support your claims and explain in detail the influence of your games on history, society, and/or the game industry.
In the end, it’s not about the games you select, but about your explanation why they are relevant. Be creative, but remember, you will be graded on your grasp of theory, not your selection. To be sure, your paper should not just rehash or summarize the theories discussed in class. Instead, I ask you to challenge the ideas, concepts and theories offered by the textbook (and other readings).
You are highly encouraged to draw on additional theories, academic books and papers to challenge (or substantiate) your ideas. That is, you are asked to offer a clear argument as to how the
three games in question are relevant. The more integrated your
argument is, the better. Ideally, you pick games collectively
contribute to one overarching argument.
It is highly recommended to go through the lecture slides again and
take a look at your notes and integrate (and cite) key concepts and
theories. Papers that receive excellent grades exhibit original
research and thinking, and include scholarly and/or secondary
sources supplemental to the class readings.
Include in your paper at least two new, relevant scholarly sources
outside of the textbook (i.e., academic books, book chapters or
peer-reviewed articles from scholarly journals). These sources can
be from the following journals (accessible freely via UTL, https://
• Games & Culture: https://journals.sagepub.com/home/gac
• Eludamos: https://www.eludamos.org/index.php/eludamos
• Game Studies: http://gamestudies.org/2004
• New Media & Society: https://journals.sagepub.com/home/nms
• Books (or chapters) from MIT Press: https://mitpress.mit.edu/
topics/game- studies
The quality and the relevance of your new sources is crucial. Make
sure your sources are relevant to both your overall argument and
your analysis, but also that you cite them (properly), and that they
clearly contribute to your argument. There is no limit to secondary
sources (i.e. news clips and other non-scholarly sources).
• Bonus points are awarded for original arguments and for wellchosen and integrated additional scholarly sources.
• Formatting:
Suggested essay length is 2000 words, with a very hard maximum
of 2200 words (excluding references). influential games influential games

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