Industrial Marketing-Final Assignment

Industrial Marketing (Word count: 2000-2500)

You will create a presentation with a B2B marketing

plan for a brand in a specific country. 

Chosen company:  IBM – Turkey 

This activity must meet the following formatting


• The submission title must be the name of the


• The presentation should be submitted in a pdf


• Number of slides: 18-24 (1 for cover, 1 for table

of contents, 1-2 for brand analysis, 1-2 for

target audience, 1 for objectives, 10-14 for

tactics, 1 for KPIs, 1 for schedule and 1 for


• Presentation should not be clutter with

definitions, concepts nor brand history.

• The in-text References and the Bibliography

have to be in Harvard’s citation style.

The plan, that must be customer centered and based on

an omnichannel approach, must include (use these

very same titles for differentiating the sections in

your presentation):

1. Brand analysis: write a SWOT analysis for your

brand in the given country.

2. Target audience: define the industrial target

audience you are going to build a B2B marketing

plan for and describe it in detail.

3. Objectives: define the objectives you want to

achieve with this B2B marketing plan and write them

in a SMART way.

4. Tactics: develop an integrated tactic for each

element of the B2B marketing mix and explain them

in detail. This is the core of your paper.

5. KPIs: specify the marketing metrics you are going to

use to measure the success of this B2B marketing


6. Schedule: build a schedule for your campaign,

including all main activities in the planning, creation,

and communication processes.

• Develop the students’ understanding of the

marketing mix in the industrial business


• Enable students to identify, contextualize and

interpret the characteristics of B2B marketing and

decision-making processes within the industrial,

marketing, and purchasing contexts.

• Apply and analyze the different B2B systems and


• Have a systematic understanding of how theoretical

concepts can be applied in business markets.

• Critically appreciate B2B marketing strategy

assessments and developments.

• Apply and assess the tools for B2B marketing

strategy development and implementation.

• Brand analysis 10% of the grade

• Target audience: 10% of the grade

• Objectives: 10% of the grade

• Tactics: 50% of the grade

• KPI’s: 5% of the grade

• Schedule: 5% of the grade

• Formatting requirements: 10% of the grade.

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