Improve Skills in One Area of Emotional Intelligence Discussion

In your response to at least two peers, address the following:

  • Identify their strengths from their self-assessment and how these strengths will help them in the workplace.
  • Make a suggestion to help them improve their skills in one area of emotional intelligence that they would like to focus on.

Chris Post

After taking the emotional intelligence quiz, I now have a better understanding of my emotional intelligence. I see what I score high in as well as what I need to work on improving to have a better emotional intelligence and become the best leader possible. Although I did not score as high on self-awareness as I would have thought, I feel I am self-aware enough that the rest of the results were of no surprise to me, and I agree with them.

I learned that my highest emotional intelligence falls into the self-regulation and empathy categories. My next highest were the self-awareness and motivation categories with social skills coming last. I have known that social skills and being more extroverted are things I need to work to improve if I am to become a valuable and respected leader.

I believe I can use these skills in my current work situation to not only build a solid foundation within the company but to also help me achieve more and grow within the company. Having a higher emotional intelligence will help me to build better relationships with fellow employees while also making myself a resource for others to come to for support or guidance.

Being my lowest, social skills is the one I most need to work on and I will do this by talking to fellow employees and building a relationship with as many of them as possible. I believe if I can build a solid relationship with all my fellow employees, this will help elevate me in terms of my value to the company.

Ashleigh Post 2

The results from the assessment are valuable to me because I can see written down what strengths and weaknesses I have pertaining to my emotional intelligence. This assessment has me thinking about how I react to situations at my job. I will be making sure that I am paying closer attention to how I act at work in all situations, with customers and coworkers. This assessment also will help me to start paying attention to how I react to situations outside of my workplace.

I found from my results of the assessment that I am emotionally intelligent, though, I do have room to improve my emotional intelligence skills. I mostly received the results that I was expecting. The results stated that I have great relationships, which is true. It also stated that people often come to me for advice, which could not be more true. My friends throughout my life have always come to me for advice since I was very young. I learned that having high emotional intelligence leads to having great leadership potential.

Like I stated in the first paragraph, I will be mindful of my emotional intelligence at work, making sure I am looking for ways to improve how I act during certain situations. The breathing exercises mentioned under the motivation section in the reading really stuck out to me because I use that “skill” a lot while working.

In my opinion, I need to improve on my body language. I do well at reading other people’s emotions and body language. But, I feel as if I don’t pay attention to my own very well when speaking with another person. I feel that having “off” body language can make people perceive my words wrong. I will especially be paying attention to body language from now on when speaking to customers, coworkers, and my friends and family.

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