IFSM 438 3850 UMUC Information Systems Project Management Questions

Please review the WBS and Project Charter and answer the following:

1.Assignment for the ITP-1 Project Deliverable – Part 3 – Questions

Read and think through the options and alternatives suggested by these questions before you build your WBS.Then finally, when your WBS is completed, answer the following questions and submit them as a Word doc in addition to your WBS file (above).As a 400-level class, writing should be of a style appropriate for a senior level college class.“Yes” or “No” answers with no explanations or discussions are not appropriate answers.

  1. Does your WBS include everything in your team’s charter and all deliverables (promised deliverables to the client organization customer)?Does your WBS address tasks that were not discussed in the Project Charter? If so, what are they and how did you decide you needed the additional tasks?
  2. Does your WBS include project management tasks necessary to manage the project, as well?
  3. Did you develop your WBS top-down or bottom up approach? Why? To answer this question, please define the terms first. This is an opportunity to include additional research to answer the question completely.
  4. Did you use a product-oriented WBS, or a process-oriented (e.g., SDLC phases) WBS, or something else? What are the definitions and how did those definitions affect your decision? Why?
  5. It is often a good idea to prepare the WBS in an OUTLINE in Word instead of Excel, or Excel instead of Project. This helps team members visualize the order of the tasks and how the tasks might decompose into lower levels .Did you do this (use Word or Excel first) or did you only use Excel or Project? If you only used Project, did you find yourself rearranging the order of the tasks as you were inputting them or as you were finishing the WBS?
  6. Did you initially approach it graphically (e.g., like an organization chart) or tabularly (like a list or table), or something else? Why?
  7. Did you work with your teammates to determine the major tasks or did you do it all on your own?How well did it work?

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