IDEA 3301 Baptist 3D Mythological Artifact Presentation and Written Reflection

WRITTEN REFLECTION (750-1000 words) – 40% 1. For this project you will create a
3 dimensional mythological object, present it in class or through documentation
and write a reflection on your process that includes research and citations. 2.
You can build a statue, a mask, costume, vessel, abstract or architectural
sculpture, a diorama or create a performance work. The work must be 3
dimensions, rather than drawing, painting, writing or computer-based (as we
will be doing a lot of that kind of 2D work in our sketchbook assignments). To
be clear: other than research and documentation for presentation, no digital –
i.e. no computer based work. Examples of artist created contemporary
mythological creations will be shown throughout the course and a mask making
tutorial will be supplied if you choose to make a mask. You are welcome to use
contemporary materials and forms. 3. The myth or figure must reference a major
theme of mythology (ie Creation, Goddess, Hero, Trickster, Culture Hero, Axial
Age Sage) or you may move toward creating an archetype for the present/future.
If you choose an archetype for the present, keep in mind the global ecological
and human challenges we are facing today as a civilization, what new archetypes
do we need? 4. Research or create the symbolic nature of this archetype,
looking at its meaning, function and how it is represented within its culture
of origin and also how, as an archetype, it resonates across cultures and time.
Be prepared to include in your reflection a considered analysis of this myth /
archetype’s role in the society out of which it was formed. What purpose did it
or does it serve? What are its teachings? 5. This project can be made as a gift
for someone in your life or a gift for the earth or for yourself, perhaps for
use as a ceremonial object or to use in ritual or prayer. Take time to
understand your intention in the creation of the work and where it will belong
when it is ready. Please speak to this intention in your reflection. 6. You can
consider both the creation and the destruction of a work as a valid way to
approach this project. In some ritual practices works are made to be used in
ceremony and then destroyed. Just make sure you speak to this and that I am
able to see the work and assess it. 7. The emphasis of this project is on
process, which includes expressing your personal relationship to the myth/
archetype and to the process of engaging in a creative act. Where did you struggle?
Where did you glide? What helped you? What hindered? 8. Expertise is not
expected, but effort and risk are. Helpful in getting us past the idea of
creating a “perfect art object,” is giving the work its value as a spiritual
helper. This approach emphasizes relationship rather than the outward
appearance or object as commodity. 9. Failure, especially spectacular, is held
in high esteem. Be prepared to speak to your ambitions and your process.
Documenting the process as you go is also a good practice to help you when you
need to speak to it. 10. Sometimes the process is the greatest gift, even if
difficult. 11. This project will be presented in class in a 5 minute
presentation or submitted, documented on video, via moodle. 12. The project
will be accompanied by a 750-1000 word reflection on your relationship to the
myth / archetype of your choice, how you see this myth / archetype serving you,
the social context out which the original myth / archetype emerged, its
significance across time, your contemplative and your creative experience of
engaging in IDEA 3301: Fall 2021 6 the building / creating / materials. The
written reflection should illustrate and integrate the research above that you
engaged in, including citing at least 3 sources.

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