I will pay for the following article A bureaucracy. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

I will pay for the following article A bureaucracy. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Bureaucracy A bureaucracy is a body made up of government officials that are non-discretionary and a group for administrative policy-making. Historically, bureaucracy defined government administration that was managed by non-elected officials through staffed departments. In modern parlance, the word has improved passive connotations for some. Bureaucracies have been criticized for obstinacy, perplexity and inefficiency. Excessive bureaucracy’s dehumanizing influence formed a major theme in Franz Kafka’s work. In modern managerial theory, unnecessary bureaucracy’s elimination forms a key concept, being a central issue in numerous political campaigns.

Specialty is the first characteristic of bureaucracy as outlined by Max Weber. Each employee has official jurisdictional and reinforced areas of work as shown by Office Space in the company Initech. Each clerk has a specialized job description, though some are ranked higher than others, making Weber’s hierarchy of offices the second characteristic of bureaucracy. Lumbergh in the movie was seen as Initech’s head. Weber’s theory would put him at the top of the pyramid. Bureaucracy according to Weber had several different levels of management but very few leaders in a pyramid fashion. With Lumbergh at the top, Peter Gibbons was right below him and was followed downwards by Michael Bolton, Samir and Milton. His position at the bottom of the pyramid meant that Milton had no authority over any employee. Due to this pyramid management, employees hold grudges against higher ranked employees. Lumbergh was particularly menial for his leadership role.

Bureaucracy should be regular and follow given rules and regulations. Workers at Initech were even instructed on the type of stapler to use and were required to regularly fill out TPS reports. They were expected to dress nicely except on Hawaiian shirt day, as well as regulate their radio usage, get to work on time and park on designated spots. As Weber puts it, Initech used rules and regulations to thrive and operate in a completely predictable fashion. Weber argues that bureaucracy seeks the ultimate technical competence beyond following rules and regulations. Bob and Bob were hired by Initech to evaluate the technical qualification and specialization of its workers thus needed to evaluate the effectiveness all employees.

Bureaucracy is not interested in the employee as a person but rather the employee’s technical competence. Impersonality is confirmed in a bureaucracy’s work area as Weber deduced. Lumbergh was not interested in making links with employees but would write impersonal notes to his favorite ones. Workers at Initech were uniformly processed and were not recognized much as members, with Weber explaining this as a characteristic of bureaucracy.

Lumbergh’s notes, formal written communications, were Max Weber’s final characteristic of bureaucracy. Official documents formed the basis for management at Initech, as seen by the requirement to fill TPS notes for all employees. These formal links were a type of communication used by the company. Each employee had records or files kept by the company, confirming its value for formal written links.

Due to the presence of these characteristics in the company, the workers seem to be alienated by their work. As Karl Max explains in “Alienation in Work”, the direct benefits of Initech’s employees were not known to them, leaving them with no option but to work hard. Peter Gibbons insulted his work, terming it as a reason why each day was his worst, evidence of alienation from his work.

Human beings were not meant to feel confined and underproductive. Peter and the employees felt trapped in their cubicles, shown at one time by Lawrence screaming to Peter about a girl on television, to which Peter replied, “damn it Lawre…

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