I will pay for the following article 3 Speech Evaluation. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

I will pay for the following article 3 Speech Evaluation. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. Three-Speech Evaluation Informative Speech on Fast Food The introduction to the speech sought to employ some mystery in describing what eventually turned out to be Ronald MacDonald, and while it succeeded in getting the audience’s attention, the description of a clown is a rather far leap to the topic at hand, which is fast foods, so as a preview it is off-tangent to the central theme. it also draws attention to a single brand when fast food covers a multitude of other brands. The body of the speech is slightly better, with useful information being given about the consumption patterns of the public and adverse effects of fast food on their health, but then again the concentration on MacDonald’s without mention of other brands. The failure to include statistics on other brands gives the impression that the problem may not be endemic after all, because only one chain appears to be responsible for the problem. avoiding that store, you avoid the problem, which I believe is not what the speaker intended. The display of money (a hundred dollars) is a good visual ploy to bring the point home about savings. The speaker also employed sufficient research, although the point about monitoring one’s fast food consumption was not sufficiently made. The closing, “I’m going to go grab my Big Mac,” was likely an attempt at humor, but it contradicts rather than reinforces the message. All in all, the speaker appears at ease, despite a few nervous pauses to glance at his notes, and in general maintained eye contact with his audience. His face was animated and shows he was connecting with his audience. His tone could have been more lively, but it was not monotonous and is on the whole satisfactory. Overall, the speech was entertaining, slightly humorous, and relatively informative.

Informative Speech on Animal Experimentation

The opening was a first-person narrative of what turned out to be a Labrador pleading for its life, so it was compelling enough to capture audience attention, and the speaker effectively brings the focus squarely to the welfare of the animals. His research on the law and practice concerning animal experimentation is likewise forceful as it is informative, as it emphasized the gruesome aspects of the use of animals in scientific and medical research and personifies their pain in human terms. What it lacks, however, is balance. The speaker asks the audience to suspend their moral judgment, but at the same time presents information that directly appeals to this moral judgment. To be more objective, the speaker should also have presented alternatives to animal testing, as obviously products and medicinal preparations could not be directly tested on humans as this would be clearly more unconscionable. The lack of this information leaves a gaping hole in the logic of the speech. The closing uses shocking imagery to deliver home the message that animal experimentation is inhumane. however, its use of sarcasm in belittling the science that employs this is misplaced, considering that an adequate alternative was not proposed. In short, the speaker loses points on credibility for lack of balance in the research done. As to his demeanor, the speaker sufficiently engaged his audience, as may be seen from the reactions of the listeners immediately in front of him. He maintains eye contact which is broken occasionally by somewhat prolonged referrals to his notes. at one time he breaks this contact by reading rather lengthily from his notes, although this happened only once. His tone was conversational, maybe too much so, as its ordinariness does not maximize the shock factor of his speech content. He could have added more fire and brimstone while relating those truly gruesome descriptions on animal testing. The same could be said for his stance. instead of shifting w…

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