I will pay for the following article 2. How did global trade patterns and relations. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page.

I will pay for the following article 2. How did global trade patterns and relations. The work is to be 2 pages with three to five sources, with in-text citations and a reference page. As years passed by, there are major expectations as well as perceived changes that occurred. For instance, changes in trade and relations. Fifteenth century was characterized few traders and minimal relations between nations. There was widespread fear among people. People viewed each other with much suspicion. There was a language barrier that kept people from communicating so as to know their intentions. There was also poor transport system, therefore, apart from explorers, the rest of the people stayed where they were and remained content (Held and Mc Grew 12).

Trade patterns started changing from 1450. At this time, the trade routes were mainly internationally focused. The exchange was mainly among Europe, Africa and Asia. The trade was mainly across some overland ways in addition to sea routes across the pacific, the Indian and meticulously the Atlantic ocean. These seaways were particularly very important mostly for the slave trade (Riad et al. 6).

However, as time passed by the Americans also started to involve themselves in trade. This was by 1750. Soon the Pacific Ocean also became a sea full of trading activities. The world’s geographical position changed fundamentally. however, the trade routes remained the same. Many visitors came to Africa in 19th century, and they settled along the coastline. The visitors came from Portugal, china, and Europe. They brought goods such as porcelain, corn, glassware and clothes. When the visitors came and realized that the blacks country had raw materials, they began shipping cotton, silver, gold, oil back to their countries. They also manufactured goods with the materials and sold the finished products to the Africans

Additionally, the relations between different countries also changed. The Europeans particularly came in the eighteenth century and started colonizing African states. The Africans started viewing the white man as a conquer, superior to them. Language barriers were also broken. This is because the explorers such as Dr. Livingstone learned the local languages and started communicating with the locals. The local’s also learned French, English as well as Portuguese. This improved on the relations of the Africa and the white men. The Blackman also became very dependent on the white man (Held and Mc Grew 16).

The major triggers of these changes in trade routes, as well as the improvement of relations, were missionary work. Missionaries traveled to many places in a bid of spreading the gospel. They were able to discover new places, as well as trading goods, and reported that to their mother states. The building of empires was also another trigger. The Ottoman Empire by the Oman Arabs is a good example. The division and partition of Africa were also another factor that led to change in trade routes and relations as well (Riad et al. 16).

There were many results witnessed. For instance, the gospel was spread and this led to Africans changing their cultural beliefs and religious beliefs. Africans also acquired different languages. There was also construction of universities such as Timbuktu. Another impact of trade routes was a slave trade that led many Africans Europe and America. Africa also became colonized by their European master. Africa was also demarcated to form territories. The results of change in trade patterns, as well as relations, were both positive and negative.

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