I studied Masters in Computer Science and i am working as a software engineer(As a full stack developer)here i am posting my Subject list Can you guys help me how it’s related my subjects with my Job

I studied Masters in Computer Science and i am working as a software engineer(As a full stack developer)here i am posting my Subject list

Can you guys help me how it’s related my subjects with my Job Roles and Responsibilities.

Here is the one example what i am looking for:

Object Oriented Analysis and Design: Knowledge and Mastery of this process assist an individual in planning better for developing object-oriented applications with good and reliable design practices which are highly scalable.

Computer Networks: This course is essential for laying out the networking architecture for the applications.

Here is my Subjects List

ADV Dbase dsgn/Implm

ADV Software Engineering

Graduate Seminar


Alg Software Eng Web App

Software Project Management

Grad CPTR Sci Exp

Transfer Subjects

Distributed System

Advanced Network Programming

Advanced Data Mining

Grid and Cloud Computing

Advanced Operating System

Distributed System

And my Roles and responsibilities (As a Software Engineer and i have experienced with frontend technology.

Manages small to medium-sized complex team projects by reviewing and understanding project requirements; translating requirements into technical

solutions; researching and identifying alternative solutions; determining needed solutions based on return on investment and value add to the

business; gathering needed information (for example, design documents, product requirements, wire frames); writing and developing code;

communicating status and issues to appropriate team members and stakeholders; collaborating with project team and cross-functional teams;

identifying areas of opportunity; interpreting information and identifying a solution; ensuring solution is sustainable across implementation and use;

and ensuring on-time delivery and hand-offs.

Provides support to the business for new and existing systems by responding to user questions, concerns, and issues (for example, technical

feasibility); researching and identifying needed solutions; determining implementation designs; providing guidance regarding implications of new and

enhanced systems; and directing users to appropriate contacts for issues outside of own domain.

Troubleshoots business and production issues by gathering information (for example, issue, impact, criticality); performing root cause analysis to

reduce future issues; engaging support teams when needed; developing solutions; driving the development of an action plan; performing actions as

designated in the plan; and completing online documentation.

Demonstrates up-to-date expertise and applies this to the development, execution, and improvement of action plans by providing expert advice and

guidance to others in the application of information and best practices; supporting and aligning efforts to meet customer and business needs; and

building commitment for perspectives and rationales.

Provides and supports the implementation of business solutions by building relationships and partnerships with key stakeholders; identifying business

needs; determining and carrying out necessary processes and practices; monitoring progress and results; recognizing and capitalizing on

improvement opportunities; and adapting to competing demands, organizational changes, and new responsibilities

I am looking for each Subject description says, how its useful to my roles and responsibilities.(Above i mentioned my Sample roles, but you guys can add more roles based on Software Engineer Role)

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