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Research Project – Week Two


You will receive feedback on the previous week’s assignment by Sunday 11:59pm. Before you complete your Week Two assignment, please read your instructor’s comments about your Week One assignment, as well as this week’s lecture. Be sure to include any suggested changes in your project going forward.


 In a three- to four-page paper (not including the title and references pages),


1.Include a revised version of your introduction, research question, background research, and hypothesis. These revisions must be based on your instructor’s feedback.


2.Discuss any ethical concerns you might encounter while doing your research.


3.Include preliminary thoughts about your research design (this will change over the next few weeks, but it is useful to think about this early).


4.Include ideas about how you might approach sampling data for your research.


Your paper must be formatted according to APA style as outlined in the Ashford Writing Center and must include a references list (on a separate references page).


Please see my week 1 assignment (paper)


Service Quality Improvement


Service quality improvement has been a critical issue to most business setting, rendering them to provide poor services. They focus on spending a lot of money on ill- conceived services and undermining the best methods to offer their customers with quality services. Excellent service is an important approach because customer’s loyalty and satisfaction is improved.


Customers view value as the as the profit acquired from the trouble encountered such as unfriendly employees, high prices, services which are not attractive and locations that are not convenient to them. With excellent services, profit maximization of the company is improved and customer’s burdens on non-price issues are minimized. Prior researches have concentrated on how services can be measured and nature of customer’s expectations without considering the service quality improvement factor (Loshin, 2011).


This research will help to identify means of improving service in business organizations. Quality need to be described by the customer, whereby it should conform to his or her specification. Most company’s view quality as conformance to organization specifications and this research will help to solve this problem by identifying the best methods of delivering quality service. This research will help to address the questions on how to respond to customers and taking care of them (Hernon, 2011).


In conclusion, this research will address areas that need to be focused for service quality improvement in business management. The study shows the researcher the theoretical answers to the hypothesis of the topic of study.






 Hernon, P., & Whitman, J. R. (2000). Delivering satisfaction and service quality: A customer-based approach for libraries. Chicago: American Library Association.


 Loshin, D. (2011). The practitioner’s guide to data quality improvement. Burlington, MA: Morgan Kaufmann.


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