I need some assistance with these assignment. xyz counseling agency Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. xyz counseling agency Thank you in advance for the help! In being a Limited Liability Company, XYZ Counseling Agency is committed to comply with all the applicable laws and regulations in keeping with the highest levels of ethical standards. The has in place a Code of Business Conduct that requires staff to meet its ethical and legal obligations. Each member of the staff is treated fairly in terms of selection, training, promotions and compensation that are all based on merits. Moreover, in being a Limited Liability Company, XYZ Counseling Agency is required to comply with all laws that govern just labor and employment practices. This is evident from the fact that the company has employed a policy that categorically prohibits any kind of violence. Employees at XYZ Counseling Agency who have violated these rules in the past have been disciplined, but no employee’s services have been terminated for such conduct. Given that XYZ Counseling Agency does not discriminate against employees on the basis of sex, religion, race, age, or sexual orientation, employees are expected not to create an offensive, hostile or threatening environment (Szwajkowski, 1996).

The company also believes in providing the highest standards of customer relationship and earns its clients by providing superior services and not through unethical, problematic or offensive business practices. XYZ Counseling Agency believes in developing credibility with its clients by meeting its commitments. The company recognizes that if commitments are not met, client trust is damaged. The fact that Chuck was hired as an anger management consultant implies that he was expected to set an example by keeping his temper in control instead of behaving in the manner that he did not only with Wilbur but also with another client a week ago, whom he had grabbed by the arm. The company is a counseling agency and any instance of such behavior will create negative propaganda that will do immense damage to its credibility in the market. Beating up a client during a counseling session is not acceptable under any circumstances, especially when the very purpose of his visit to the center is to get relief from the emotional or psychological hardships that he is suffering from. Instead of being empathetic with the client for his his weak emotional state, Chuck chose to beat up Wilbur, who is a client that the company is obliged to treat with utmost concern and empathy.

Given that XYZ Counseling Agency has a a specifi policy in place against violence and all employees are signatory to such policies at the time of being hired, the company is within its legal rights to terminate Chuck’s services with immediate effect. It is apparent that Chuck has a past record of engaging in violence at the work place, which is evident from the fact that he was fired from a counseling job five years ago for having become violent with a client. As if this was not enough, he had demonstrated the same behavior a week before when he grabbed a client by the arm and shook him. And again, now he has beaten up Wilbur, who had approached XYZ Counseling in anticipation of getting relief from his disturbed state of mind. It is in the best interest of XYZ Counseling to terminate Chuck’s services so that other employees get the message that such behavior cannot be tolerated. It will serve as a lesson for Chuck also in making him realize that he cannot always get away with violent and aggressive behavior with clients.

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