I need some assistance with these assignment. written discourse Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. written discourse Thank you in advance for the help! I would like to undertake more research in this area but with a large group of students and over a long period of research but for now I need to complete a simple experiment.

Reading and writing are core skills taught and learnt within both first and second language classrooms and one cannot be considered as more important than the other. Reading however appears to have taken precedence over writing in recent years with numerous presentations and papers published in the area. In terms of teaching and learning of writing on the other hand, there appears to be very few papers in journals or presentations at major conferences, at least in South Korea. In light of this deficit this paper will focus on writing methodology and some of the research undertaken within the area in terms of a process approach and a product approach.

From research it seems that although we teach writing formally within the classroom it does not naturally develop along a linear path but develops more in a circular or see-saw fashion, which is in line with the process approach. Literature also shows that early learners often develop their writing with the use of models, which adheres to the product approach. The lesson in this unit however, aims to combine the two approaches in an effort to both allow students to use their own initiative, trialing and feedback but at the same time provide a framework from which they can further develop their writing.

Following a literature review this paper will present an experimental unit of writing comprising a series of lessons incorporating both process and product methods which was trialed in Korea. Justification for the selected activities used in the unit design will be provided along with reflection and evaluation of the trialed lessons.

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