I need some assistance with these assignment. writing a classic Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. writing a classic Thank you in advance for the help! To begin with, the first paragraph of the essay will contain the strongest argument that the writer wants to put forward in support of his argument. Most probably, the first sentence of the paragraph will be the topic sentence that will be elaborated in the paragraph. This will be followed by an explanation and examples. In addition, the paragraph will contain a ‘transitional hook’ that makes the move from the first paragraph to the second one easy, without losing the cohesion. However, in the classic form, as Wesley points out, it is also possible to use this first paragraph as narration section to give a structural overview of the essay or to cite sources that defend the essay.

Secondly, the second paragraph will start with a connective word or phrase that links it well with the first paragraph. In the case of a five-paragraph essay with just three arguments, the second paragraph will contain the second strongest argument put forward by the writer followed by explanation and examples. The paragraph will contain a transitional hook that links the paragraph to the third body paragraph. Also, this section is used as the affirmative section when the first paragraph is used as the narration. In such cases, all the arguments and evidence are presented in the second paragraph.

Thirdly, the third paragraph will contain the third argument in support of the thesis followed by explanation and examples. However, this paragraph can also be used as negation, or to acknowledge the other side of the issue as it is not justifiable to leave out or ignore significant arguments that can weaken the thesis.

Finally, the last paragraph is the conclusion. This paragraph analyzes as to which side is stronger and why. This will be followed by the concluding statement that reiterates the content of the thesis but without a repetition of the same sentence or words.&nbsp. &nbsp.

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