I need some assistance with these assignment. women’s magazine Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. women’s magazine Thank you in advance for the help! Every page of the magazine is filled with products and articles which make the female readers think that only beautiful, young and thin women are appreciated and accepted by the society. Constant exposure to thin and flawless models has driven ‘normal’ women to believe that they are not worthy enough. The aim of this paper is to understand the psychology behind the graphic and verbal content of women’s magazines and how it affects the female readers. Under the influence of the advertisements and suggestions given in magazines, women are adopting artificial means to change the way they feel and the way they look. Women’s magazines have become a medium of plastic dreams as they are driving women to hate their natural bodies and love the bodies of female models, whose photographs are manipulated with the help of technology to make them look thin and beautiful.

Harper’s Bazaar is a fashion magazine. The aim of the magazine is to discuss current trends and news from the fashion world. Its target readers are women of all ages. From the advertisements and the contents of the magazine, it is evident that current trend in the fashion industry is the magazine’s main focus. The magazine if filled with advertisements of beauty products, jewelry, accessories, apparels, fashion news and articles. The issue discussed in this paper is the October 2010 issue with Drew Barrymore on its cover.

The cover of Harper’s Bazaar is adorned by Drew Barrymore, one of the leading actresses in Hollywood. Barrymore is a famous personality and has an image of an independent, successful, wealthy, and a strong person. She is well known for her roles in romantic movies. Her fame, independent lifestyle, her dressing sense, bubbly personality and feminine body makes her a right choice to adorn a cover of a fashion magazine. Any person will get attracted to a magazine which has Drew Barrymore on its cover.

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