I need some assistance with these assignment. watch america movie (1999) Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. watch america movie (1999) Thank you in advance for the help! American Movie: A Review One of the interesting movies that creates a notion regarding problems in making a movie. The theme is a practical one, in fact this kind of experience could be realised by people all over the world particularly those who show interest towards film making. Broachardt, the protagonist has a deep passion to make films. The incidents contributing to his attempts to make his desire come true occupies most of the movie.

The story looks like a fiction, but what the director wants to convey is a real life happenings. This could be seen in the life of those who have many wishes to make films. The difference is that the director has given a comic touch, not with any intension to ridicule, but a reflection of realities such as the risks, experience and economy, which are compulsorily required to make films.

Brochardt’s passion for films holds his frustrations and temperament within limits, and he is portrayed in such a way that till he completes the movie he never thinks of getting back form his desires over what he has headed for. In the beginning his intensions to make a movie called “NorthWestern” movie requires financial support and experience, so he changes his plan. His experience allows him to make up a horror short film and he decides that if he could sell 3000 copies of that movie’s videotape, he could plan a successful attempt to shoot his prime story Northwestern.

Coven is supposed to be the horror film, which Brochardt has named, and though it might not look like a movie taken by experienced crew, the incidents covering the shooting spot probably helps the people to figure out reflections on Borchardt’s individuality, sincerity and interest and his flair for cinematography. His deep focus shot around the graveyard shows his talent and deep interest. The situations leading to a comic effect and Brochardt’s strong desires to achieve his dream will take away the notion of a documentary film. He also seems to have a depth of field which is reflected in his ideas about the Northwestern movie.

Though “Coven” does not seem to materialize a good movie, the factors such as lack of professional team, financial support etc, could be added for the failure and low quality. But his interest and talents reflected on the spots gives way for the opinion that he too could make good movies provided the factors related to make movie reach him favourably. This is because he is very clear in his endeavour to reach the aim.

The crew consist of his mother [ who likes to support him inspite of her lack of knowledge], his brother [who then decides to move to a factory job], and his drunken friend [who contributes a little for the shooting of Coven] etc are all reflections of inexperienced people in movie making. The director takes this opportunity to narrate some practical difficulties in film making which a person with lack of professional team and inexperienced people to help would face. The director maintains a balance between the theme and the experience while concentrating on the point that the viewers should not consider this concept as funny moments.

Camera Crew Ratings might say about Coven as a below average movie, but experience delivered and shown during time of shoot the short film helps to focus on the determination with which he works. It cannot be said as a documentary film, since the arrangement of incidents related to film making are told in a light way by the director, if it had been a documentary film the director could have taken the movie in a serious track, directly focusing on the practical problems in the form of illustrations form real life.

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