I need some assistance with these assignment. w8d 597 reflecting plans Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. w8d 597 reflecting plans Thank you in advance for the help! Organization’s Difficulties Reflecting on Plans al Affiliation Organization’s Difficulties Reflecting on Plans The goals and purpose of a given organization are described in the strategic plan. The manner designs and implements these plans will determine the levels of success within which the firm would achieve. The level of success will determine the applicability of the plan in different scenarios. Plans may differ depending on the nature of the organization. The plans may be a getaway to success or will determine the manner in which a firm interacts with the internal and external environment. However, organizations may have difficult time reflecting on their plans. This is contrary to the fact that most plans outline objectives, functional tactics and actions item.

Change is a major factor in the implementation and planning of any given plan. The internal environment is essential towards these changes. Most firms exist in a stagnant internal environment. These environments are resistance to change thus compromise the planning and execution of any given plan (Sinofsky& Iansiti, 2009).The internal environment failure to acknowledge need for change is what attributes to failure of a given plan. Firms may interact well with the eternal environment and lay down models that will enhance communication and interaction with the external environment but may in marshalling the internal environment towards change (Berkun, 2008).

Marshalling the internal environment requires a proper leadership model. The lack of leadership within a given organization could be the predicament in the implementation of a given plan (Kipp, 2004). Strategies plans are created to ensure a firm transforms in matters operations and control. The management is required to play an important role within an organization. Lack of a proper leadership models will result to forms not being able to implement plans they developed. Organizations need to acknowledge the setbacks within the internal environment to ensure strategic plans are implemented.


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