I need some assistance with these assignment. various communities inhabited the region in new york city Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. various communities inhabited the region in new york city Thank you in advance for the help! ?In New York City, various communities inhabit the region. however, Indian community that is famously known as Desi is the most unique of all of them. They are believed to be the native long distance traders from India. they have lived in New York since the beginning of 20th century. By the time they arrived in New York City, the Indians were long distance traders who brought commodities from Asian continents to European countries and America. With time, they settled down and established themselves in retail business. (Jolly 2007).

The modern Desi Indian community is assimilated with the modernity where most of them are no longer business individuals but has embraced other professions such as film industries, education sector, hotel, and restaurant industries among the rest. However, they have preserved their culture that makes them to be highly social beings. Every year, they engage in religious ceremony as a way of appeasing their ancestors. This ceremony last for a whole month where they dedicate their lives to the gods whom they believe to be behind their prosperity. In addition, the community also appreciates marriages where the parents identifies a partner for their children at a tender age and organizes for marriage (Jolly 2007).

A striking fact about this community is that in most cases they attend Indian restaurants, attends every Indian social event, and buys items from local grocery stores as well as watching Indian movies at the theaters. Desi community believes in unity and love for one another. They consider the members of their communities as brothers and sisters. Therefore, the culture dictates that no Desi individual should oppress another but should offer assisted to the distressed ones. By doing this, they believe that they are appeasing their ancestors in return for their blessings. Therefore, it is responsibility of every individual to be kind to one another in order to appease the ancestors (Jolly 2007).

According to the Indian people, it is the responsibility of the community to provide food, good health, and security to every individual. In particularly, every good thing that happens in the community is because of the interventions of the ancestors. Consequently, the Desi people believe that their existence is because of the mercies of their ancestor. In conclusion, as a member of this community, to be socially responsible means that, you must be responsible for the wellbeing of one another and the community at large.


Jolly, P. (2007). The ideology of social hierarchies of Indians. New York City: Milestone.

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