I need some assistance with these assignment. validation of findings: obesity Thank you in advance for the help!

I need some assistance with these assignment. validation of findings: obesity Thank you in advance for the help! Through the study of obesity issues such as people not being free to talk about their excess weight may come up. I should be prepared to handle such cases and other limitations that the study may face. The appropriate data collection methods and the instrumentation should be done efficiently to help in making the study efficient. Finally, I will ensure there is a well-organized validation of findings from my research work. With a proper application of qualitative research methods, my study wants to find a lasting solution to the issue of obesity.

The challenge that this study wants to address is the increasing number of deaths recorded yearly in the United States due to complications related to obesity. Every year, close 150,000 deaths due to obesity complications are recorded. The number is very big and the society has to look into it. The issue of obesity is a problem worth looking into as it is causing deaths of people who could be participating in building the economy. It is also a loss to society as a lot of resources are used to handle the obesity cases and some of the victims end up losing their lives (Carroll, 2012).

Another major issue regarding the increased obesity cases is the fact that it is now cropping down to younger kids. Some of these innocent lives are lost yet they were not aware of obesity issues and how they can live a healthy life to avoid obesity. It is also hurting that as some people die because of excessive eating others die due to a shortage of food.

The number of people dying due to complications related to obesity has doubled as many cases are expected to be recorded yet. Obesity is a health disorder that leads to other health complications which are serious threats to human life. Among these complications are high blood pressure, respiratory complications, diabetes, stroke, and heart diseases. These health complications are very serious and some of them cause death after a short period.&nbsp.

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