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 section 1 Section 1





Imagine that you are the HRL for a multinational company with operations in China, Vietnam, the Middle East, the U.S., and Canada: producing, shipping, and selling IT hardware products.

In a 2 page paper:

   Explain how you would construct your organization’s total reward system (compensation and benefits) to address factors such as

                        Legal mandates in some countries for particular benefits (e.g. health insurance, retirement, travel allowance, just to name few examples)

                        Create equity among all nationals in respect to pay and cost of living

                        Accommodating the use of expatriates to make sure your organization’s performance is aligned with achieving organizational profit targets


section 2

Conduct some independent research and find a professional journal article about three best HR practices. What are these practices, and how do they improve the delivery of HR services? Write a 3-page synopsis of the article along with your findings.



Section 3


The following case study document outlines a reward plan that is used at a real estate firm. it is attached labeled as B381c_Case_Study_Module_03

Then, answer 3 questions of your choice from the end of the case. Each answer should provide background from the case study as well as your supporting evidence from independent online sources. The final Word document should be between 3 pages in length and should include citations for any external sources.


section 4

Locate a recent high profile company that has been sued for employment law violations. In a 3-page paper, explain the circumstances of the case; what law(s) were violated? Were they federal or state laws that were violated? Do you agree with the court’s decision? Why or why not? What could the company have done differently that led to the violation(s)? Cite your sources.



section 5


Conduct some independent research and find one recent scholarly article about the subject of employee training and its impact on motivation.

How does the situation that is chronicled in the article challenge your own personal belief system about motivation? Write a 2 page response, describing the article that you located as part of your research, the findings contained within that article, and the potential implications for developing a training or motivational program for employees.

Be sure to include your own beliefs on how you, as an HR professional, can impact motivation through employee training.


section 6

Research a succession planning initiative in a company of your choice. Describe the process and its outcome. Would you do anything differently? Why? How do we avoid making costly mistakes when naming successors? Can we add something for them to think about this? Explain your answers in a 2 page Word document.



Section 7


answer each question in 2 paragphs and references


question 1


Describe what you believe to be the competitive advantages of developing and implementing a strategic HRM plan. Use concepts from real world examples and be sure to cite your evidence


question 2


Describe the recruitment and retention activities at your own organization. What is your opinion of their effectiveness, as well as any changes you would make that would assist in one of the following – recruitment, retention, wages, and/or benefits?

Be sure to back up your answers with evidence.


question 3

Take a look at the home page for the U.S. Equal Opportunity Employment Commission. In your own words, describe what the EEOC is and to whom it provides the greatest benefit.

Now, conduct some independent online research and locate some criticisms of the EEOC. Share what you think is the most significant limitation or criticism of the EEOC from the last 10 years. Offer your own ideas about how this limitation or criticism could be effectively addressed and/or mitigated.


question 4

What motivates you? Describe a situation in which you were extremely motivated to perform well at work; conversely, describe a situation that was a motivation killer.



question 5


Explain the implications of the absence of success planning, and the potential implications of well executed success planning.


 Question 6


If you walk by your boss’s computer and you see some private information (positive or negative) about one of your co-workers, would you tell that coworker? Why or why not? How can companies ensure employee privacy is respected in the workplace?


question 7


A hacker broke in to the database and you do not know the extent of the damage. Your IT director is unable to determine what if any employee information has been stolen: What do you tell your employees? Before you 

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