HUSS 355 Bryant and Stratton College Social Development Portfolio Project Reflection

  • Portfolio Project reflection 
  • PART A 
  • Share a link or screenshot of the example you found.
  • Explain whether your example demonstrates marketing or public relations.  Use ideas from lecture to justify your rationale.
  • Assess how your example supports or relates to the organization’s mission statement. 
  • Analyze whether you think your example will be effective in increasing support for the organization

For this reflection:  Analyze the importance of this project to your future career.In your own words reflect on how this project meets the Program and Institutional outcomes as stated on the first page.      Upload and submit your final reflection.   THis is the direction for part b as for a i dont know what to tell the question is clear Reflection Grading Criteria  PowerPoint:  Slides are well organized and the font color, size, and style is easy to read.Slides are in bullet-point format and are not written in long paragraphsBullet points highlight main points of the reflection questions        Oral Presentation:     Student’s      voice should be clear and easy to understand  Student      should vary his/her tone of voice and use pauses effectively to place      emphasis on important points  Student      should provide additional insight to PowerPoint slides in his/her own      words. Student should not read verbatim from the slides.  Student      should avoid non-words (“Um,” “Uh,” “You Know”) and practice using      professional language 

The public relations for a social or human services organization that is of interest to me is employment center and they’re over mission statement. Goodwill’s mission statement is “ to enhance the dignity and quality of life of individuals and families by strengthening communities, eliminating barriers to opportunity, and helping people in need reach their full potential through learning and the power of work .” Assisting the community will be public relations because we are getting the public involved and bringing more and better life into the community while keeping the mission statement at hand.I feel as if goodwill is effective in increasing support for the organization because it increases visibility which is long-term support for the company. Their marketing strategies I guess have it peek times like every other company. Understanding the importance and difference is always key.Thank You  this someone work my topic was homelessness  

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