HUS 3104 St Petersburg College Mental Health Discussion

(A )The objective I chose to look into is increasing the proportion of adults who seek treatment for depression (MHMD-05). This goal is at baseline right now, with the goal being 69.5% and the current statistic at 64.8%. I chose this issue because I am specifically interested in the mental health field and because so many people experience depression at some point in their life, I find it very important that we have mental health resources for people at every level.

At the federal level, the government funds various programs that then allocate the funds to different communities that go to individuals in need. For example, the Department of Veteran Affairs offers mental health services for veterans and these resources aim to help reduce the effects of depression on individuals. On the state level, the state of Florida’s Department of Children and Families offers mental health counseling and services to qualifying individuals. The department offers financial assistance to those struggling with mental health issues and may not be able to support themselves while recovering. This is a great program for people who qualify, as having to work while also dealing with debilitating mental health challenges can be near impossible. As for the local level, the Community Health Centers of Pinellas offer resources for low-income individuals with mental healthcare needs such as counseling for a variety of issues that may lead a person into depression — grief and loss, eating disorders, trauma, substance abuse, relationships, etc.


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(Question B) In today’s day in age The Health Care industry is greatly know for its steady growth and persistent change. With an aging population and constant new developments in technology and medicine, the health industry has developed several new ways of providing healthcare. For instance, telehealth has become a very popular and is utilized by many health care providers and patients. The Coronavirus pandemic has greatly affected our older population, which has ultimately prompted the health care industry to find alternative means for these individuals to still receive the care they need. The growth of Telehealth has essentially expanded the number of places where Allied Health professionals can provide care, since they are virtually able to provide care from anywhere. Telehealth allows patients to meet with Allied Professionals from the comfort of their own home. Services can be provided at the patients convenience such as through a secure phone call or web video session.

Telehealth does not singly focus around patient medical appointments but also can includes services such as health and prescription management. With Telehealth becoming the new norm many Allied professionals may need to possess an advanced skill set that is proficient with newer technology. These changes may not directly impact my current job, however it may possibly impact my future job of interest. With the passion of wanting to manage an assisted living facility. With telehealth becoming more popular I presume that I would need to gain experience with patient interaction virtually.

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